Printer is an output device that prints text or images on paper or other media (like transparencies). By printing you create what is known as a ‘hard copy’. There are different kinds of printers, which vary in their speed and Print quality.

The two main types of printers are:

🔹️impact printers:
🌟 Line printer
🌟 Serial printer(Dot matrix printer)

🔹️Non-impact printers:
🌟 Thermal printer(fax)
🌟 Laser printer
🌟 Inkjet printer

Impact printers include all printers that print by striking an ink ribbon. Impact printers use a print head containing a number of metal pins which strike an inked ribbon placed between the Print head and the paper. Line printers, dot matrix printers are some of the Impact printers.

Characteristics of Impact printers:

🔸️In Impact printers, there is physical contact with the paper to produce an image.
🔸️Due to being robust and low cost, they are useful for bulk printing.
🔸️Impact printers are ideal for printing multiple copies (that is, carbon copies) because they can easily print through many layers of paper.
🔸️Due to its striking activity, Impact printers are very noisy.
🔸️Since they are mechanical in nature, they tend to be slow.
🔸️Impact printers do not support transparencies.

Non-impact printers are much quieter than Impact printers as their printing head do not strike the paper. Non-impact printers include laser printers, inkjet printers and thermal printers.

Characteristics of Non-impact printers:

🔸️Non Impact printers are faster than Impact printers because they have fewer moving parts.
🔸️They are quiet than Impact printers because there is no striking mechanism involved.
🔸️They possess the ability to change typefaces authentically.
🔸️These printers produce high-quality graphics.
🔸️These printers usually support the transparencies.
🔸️These printers cannot print multipart forms because no Impact is being made on the paper.

Line Printer:

Line printer are high-speed printers capable of printing an entire line at a time. A line printer can print 150 lines to 3000 lines per minute. The limitations of line printer are they can print only one front, they cannot print graphics, the print quality is low and they are noisy to operate. But it can print la,large volume of text data very fast compared to the other printers. It is also used to print on multipart stationaries to prepare copies of a document.

Dot Matrix Printer:

The most popular serial printer is a Dot matrix printer. It prints one line of 8 or 14 points at a time ,with print head moving across a line. They are similar to typewriters. They are normally slow. The printing speed is around 300 Characters per second. It uses multipart stationaries to prepare copies of a document.

Thermal Printer:

Thermal printers are printers that produce image by pushing electrically heated pins against special heat-sensitive paper. They are inexpensive and used widely in fax machines and calculator. Thermal printer paper tends to darken over time due to exposure to sunlight and heat. So the printed matters on the paper fade after a week or two. It also produces a poor quality print.

Laser printer:

Laser printers uses the laser beam and dry powered ink to produce a fine dot matrix pattern. It can change very good quality of graphics images. One of the chief characteristics of laser printers is their solution – how many dots per inch (dpi) that lay down. The avaliable resolution range from 300 fpi at the low end to around 1200 dpi at the high end.

Inkjet Printer:

Inkjet printers uses color cartridges which combine magneta, yellow and cyan inks to create color tones. A black cartridge is also used for crisp monochrome output. Inkjet printers work by spraying ionizing ink at a sheet of paper. Magnetized plates in the ink’s path direct the ink onto the paper in the described shapes.

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