Rules of Happiness

Be silent in the heat of Anger.

As we all do, In anger we never think twice before saying anything and this is the main reason behind the poor relationship. We cause harm to both others and us both.

Avoid caring what people think.

Before doing anything we always think to much about others think if I do that. And this leads to unhappiness and doubt on ourselves.

Don’t waste time in explanation.

There is no need to explain yourself always. Sometimes we have to believe on our own capabilities and prove others that what I did is right decision for me.Time reveals Everything.

Privacy is Everything.

Never tell everyone, everything. Everyone is not happy with your success. Don’t reveal your path to anyone before you achieve something.

Don’t screw your present, thinking of past.

Start working for your success now. Past has gone it never come back but why we waste our present and future by thinking of past. We design our future by make use of present.You are responsible for everything that you do. So start working for your future.

Stop overthinking, Sometimes it’s okay to not know answers.

We just ruin our life by overthinking. What we overthink is never going to happen. So just relax and enjoy your life without thinking anything.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Everyone’s mental state is not same. And sometimes It’s okay to feel low. It’s okay to be sad. We just have to believe on ourselves. And do what we want. Its okay, everything will be alright soon…

Don’t compare own life with others.

Everyone is different. And if we compare ourselves with other then we just ignore our own capabilities. So believe in yourself,your capabilities.

Don’t let others to disrupt your inner peace.

Sometimes, some people come in our life just to pull us down. But we have to focus on our goals. If we disrupt our inner peace then they will succeed in their intentions. We have to focus more whenever we meet any problems in between our goals.

We are always unattractive in the eyes of society.

No matter what we do, society will never going to appreciate us. So don’t worry about the society and do whatever you want. We always worry about “Chaar log” but no one ever saw them.

Take a charge of your own happiness, we are only responsible for ours not others.