The Pandemic Times and Mental Health

We all have survived the phase of lockdown and seen a lot during that time. Many life lessons came on the way as the situation became severe. It has been more than a year to the onset of the pandemic in our lives and it is still affecting us. Two waves of the virus had already made life difficult and now we receive alerts for a third one. This is affecting all but more harmful for those who are mentally stuck since the onset of Covid19.

It has been a difficult time for small-scale workers who earned living by working long hours on construction sites, factories, etc. pre-pandemic and then suddenly lost their jobs during that time with no other source of income in hand. Ultimately they left the cities and rushed to their hometowns. Similar was the case of other low income groups of society. All work was shut down and their only source of livelihood was locked up. This made up for the reason of mental breakdown and poor health of the major part of population. There were no means left for interaction and enjoyment with friends and relatives. There was a feeling of loneliness, sitting idle all-day-round in the house and people were continuously praying for the betterment of the situation as soon as possible.

Due to the lockdown, many people were stuck at tourist places with no sufficient amount in hand to spend long time there. This led them to a worse off situation, living apart from family and friends. Even the middle class population was losing jobs due to scarcity of resources with the company and the legal restrictions imposed thereupon. Already there was the emerging issue of unemployment in the country and then the pandemic time brought a hike in its rate. Many had to give up a part of their salary to continue with their jobs . The factories had been shut and the production was stopped for many items of use to prevent the spread of the virus. This led to decreased supply for an increasing demand. People were eager to collect stuff for their household quickly to prevent future restrictions of availability. This was all leading to an imbalanced economy. The source of income for the government also declined. There was a significant reduction in tax collection. Public transport were also kept on hold closing almost all doors of revenue for the government due to which they could not invest much in purchases and free treatments for the public. Overall the whole country suffered loss in one or the other way.

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The media was flourished with depressing news and each hour brought updates of how severe the situation was becoming. Souls were leaving the world on a greater rate than ever due to a widespread reach of the virus. There was presence of some destroying elements(people) as well, in the society, who openly wandered on the streets carrying the threats of the virus and risking lives of many. The spread was so strong that it could affect a person from even a short distance without being in physical contact. The solution was to keep distance in your house as well. No close contacts were advised by the doctors even within a family; which parted people from their loved ones. Those who were employed in necessary fields had to go out for work and hence many of those preferred staying away in separate places to protect their family.

It is much clear how everyone suffered from inside(mentally). Physical health was already deteriorating due to closing of gyms and fitness centres in the cities but mental health also worsened during these times. Pre-pandemic there was the stress of work with atleast holidays to relax but since pandemic the stress is more related to health and hygiene. Everytime they contacted someone or something socially, people feared. There existed a constant worry in the mind of whether they are safe or not. People started migrating to destinations they assumed to be safer but ended up increasing their as well as nation’s problems. Mental distress prevailed across the world. People pleaded for help but unfortunately there was no immediate solution/action in the hands of government. The pain and sufferings are hard to express. All prayers were directed to the end of those difficult times soon. A bad dream would have been better than this harsh reality. Surviving such times is the biggest challenge of anyone’s life. No one could digest even the thought of seeing their family in pain then how could they experience it so nearly. And what about those who were living apart from their family..

With no or minimal source of income and other personal problems, the mental illness started increasing in the world population as a whole. There was no hope left for better future and isolation triggered the effects of the pandemic on health. There was no escape to the problems. Depression and stress took over the thoughts and power of mind. Situations couldn’t be handled and there was need of psychiatrists but people didn’t react. It needs to be made normal to visit a psychiatrist in case of mental issues related to life.

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