women who keeps their phone close to their chest are prone to skin cancer .

Everybody knows that smoking can cause cancer , you protect yourself from excessive exposure to sun as it may cause skin cancer , but do you know we all have harmless habits that may cause cancer & other health issues . These habits are our regular habits which we not considered , but they can cause Sevier problem to us

3 harmless habits that may cause cancer

  1. Wearing your cell phone in your bra. Devra Davis Ph.D. MPH, President and Founder, Environmental Health Trust, has documented seven cases of young women who have developed cancerous tumors in the center of the breast where they carried their cell phones for 10 years. “These cases all formed with multiple primary tumors in the outlines of where the cell phones lodged. the harmful radiations from your phone can cause breast cancer .

protect yourself :

  • Carry your phone in a phone holster or in your purse.
  • Read cell phone manufacturers’ warnings on the safest way to use and carry the phones.
  • When buying a phone, ask about the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which measures the rate of radiofrequency (RF) energy absorption by the body from your cell phone. The FCC has adopted limits for safe exposure to RF energy from cell phones: a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg). 
  • Turn off your cell phone. Even if you are not using it, it is emitting radiation if it’s on.
  • Beware of areas with weak signals. Cell phones are programmed to work harder—emitting more radiation—when signal strength is blocked.
  • If you see reddened skin on your breast that does not go away, get it checked out by your physician.

2. Using talcum powder : Several studies have reported a positive association between use of talcum powder on women’s perineal area (from the anus to the vulva) and ovarian cancer risk. A 2010 study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that talcum powder also increases the risk of endometrial cancer, particularly among postmenopausal women. All should avoid talcum powder for parts which it is not meant .

2 . Drinking sugary beverages:

Sodas, sweetened tea, and lemonade—among other foods that have a high glycemic index—increase the risk of endometrial cancer. “When you eat those foods, it causes a spike in blood sugar and insulin. Having continually high amounts of insulin can help create an environment that is conducive to endometrial cancer cells proliferating,” says Bender. In addition, sugary drinks promote obesity, which increases the risk for colorectal, postmenopausal breast, esophageal, endometrial, kidney, pancreatic, gallbladder, and ovarian cancers. These are one time kind of drinks , regular drinking of these artificial sugary drinks causes health issues .

3. Drinking alcohol : Bender reports that alcohol increases the risk for colorectal, breast, esophageal, mouth, pharynx, larynx, and liver cancers. “The idea is that when alcohol metabolizes, it produces a carcinogen in the body,” she says, referring to the byproduct acetaldehyde, which then further metabolizes into acetate, and finally into water and carbon dioxide, which your body eliminates. Alcohol results in increase of body weight , which leads to link between cancer .