How Movies Influence Our Societies?

In these uncertain times, people have been searching for unique ways to entertain themselves. They want to keep their minds off of devastating situation they are surrounded by. What’s better than movies? The power videos hold to influence people is beyond one’s imagination. Over the years, movies and shows have transformed peoples life’s in different ways and changed obsolete perspectives of society regarding women, education and basic living. They bring you joy, wonder and force you to question inconspicuous things that were effortlessly ignored. History of films way go back in the 60’s and the transition that you see till this date is incredible. What make these directed videos so irresistible that today’s generation drowns itself into series of it?

This article will explore ways in which film art has inspired modern society.

Movies have inspired millions through its unique story writing. The best part about movies is that it reflects the world you are currently breathing in. When you see the same world you see everyday in a movie, resonating those characters with people you come across everyday catches your attention. You realize that what you see on screen is pretty similar to what you experience everyday. Once you relate yourself to it, having to implement that in your real life is easy.

Watching a crime film alerts you to protect yourself from dangerous criminal activities or fraud or terrorism. A few movies have plots that are realistic and true. Such movies open your eyes to see the real world and share the true life through portrayal of struggles and adverse living. Slumdog millionaire featured life of slum and poverty, which is true and widely exists around the without being noticed. This way people who have never gone through it empathize with it.

Culture is an integral part of our community. A movie is designed in a way to portray culture of certain communities to the world. It can predominantly focus on specific culture or could be a contrast. Each culture has beliefs and values that others may be unfamiliar with but that’s what a movie does; it unites people of different cultures to understand and respect diversity. Shaping cultures through movies has become key objective of films.

Historical movies develop curiosity to know about history and how life was before. Movies based famous personalities and their lasting contribution towards the society influences everyone to devote themselves to the betterment of the country and humanity. War movies help us realize that violence has destroyed innocent lives and how we are responsible for our own country. Children find it easy to remember through movies than books.

Women had been oppressed over the years and were not given basic rights. Movies on woman’s education and rights have questioned communities and their treatment towards women. Women empowerment movies have given strength to women to fight for themselves.

Movies can have negative impact, especially on children. Criminal movies have tampered with children’s minds and opinions. The act of crime and dishonesty has been glorified in the movies making lying cool and something to strive for. Content based on drugs have mislead basic understanding of crime and its consequences that can ambush you in a circle of destructive money and fame.

Movies can be life changing. They can create your life or can radically destroy it. Choose movies wisely to protect children from corrupt movies that could damage their innocent minds.

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