Importance of farmers

Farmers are the backbone of our country and our society. If not farmers, neither are we, The farmer is the one because of whom we get food which we eat it.Farmers never stop their work whether it is rain, cold or sun. Farmers do their work with all their heart for us without any meaning And it is true that the entire population of the country is dependent on farmers.

Hindu, Muslim Sikh, Christian farmers cannot be compared with any religion because people of all religions live in India and farmers are bigger than religions and we should never respect anyone by seeing religion because farmers of every religion deserve respect because they grow food grains for us. We should respect the farmers of our country.

Whether the country is big or small, today everyone is dependent on the farmers. We are able to live on earth only because of farmers and we are getting good fruits, vegetables and grains because of them, they work day and night for this. That’s why it is said from our history that farmers are very important for us, for our country and society. And for our future. Although it is true that farmers are very important for us, but still they are not able to live their life well. We all know that what is the role of farmers in our life because every person needs proper food for their living, so it is a necessity in the society.

Farmers do their work very sincerely. The farmer has the ability to survive with the harsh devastation of different climates, climate change, soil conditions and frequent wildfires, droughts and floods. Because of farmers, people are eating fresh fruits and vegetables because of him, everyone should respect farmers. In simple words, farmers are the ‘backbone’ and ‘heart’ of the nation. Farmers sow seeds and then cultivate the crop and supply food grains to the people. Agriculture is an important part of every country, as they are also one of the major contributors to economic development. The government should worry about our agricultural heroes. People should give more support and respect to the farmers.

There are different types of farmers. And we should do the respect for all of them.

  1. First of all they are the farmers who grow crops like wheat, barley, rice etc. Since most of the consumption in Indian households is of wheat and rice. So, the cultivation of wheat and rice is more in agriculture. In addition, the farmers growing these crops are of prime importance.
  2. Second, there are those who cultivate fruits. These farmers have to prepare the soil for different types of fruits. Because these fruits grow according to the season. So farmers should have good knowledge about fruits and crops. There are many other farmers who do other types of farming. Moreover, all of them have to work very hard to get maximum harvest.
Agriculture is very important because our economy also depends on agriculture. So we should support the farmers of our country and also respect agriculture because without them we are not

There are many such things about farmers about which we do not know, but today agriculture has a big role in the economy of the country and we should be aware of farming farmers because this is the biggest power of India and we are Indians.

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