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Plan Bee has won best innovation award by Indian Railways. Plan bee is an initiative taken in action against the increasing case of elephant accident on Railway tracks, below is a detail summary about Plan Bee.

Animal protection is stated as a priority goal to save the endangered species and possibly bring back extinct species through efforts like forest conservation but, this is not the only solution. There are many incidents where these animals are killed. It is not only about the hunters and poacher who are killing the animals and cutting of green area. Hunting and poaching are done intentionally whereas forest are cut in the process of development There are many other reasons, one of which is accidents both road accidents and railway accidents are equally responsible for killing animals.
Roads that are located on the way of jungle or railway track that passes through forest area interrupt the path of animals and while they try to cross the track or road they are killed. As per WPSI (Wild life protection Society of India) 83 leopards lost their life in road and railway accident in the year 2019. Between the year 2016 and 2019 thousands of animals were killed. Animals like- deer, cattle’s, tiger, lion, , leopard, elephants etc are in the list. It is a big issue as far as animal protection is concerned in India.

At latest a prevention measure is taken to protect elephants from railways. This is called Plan Bee, an initiative taken by Government of India to keep the elephants away from railway track.
Plan Bee has already received the best innovation award by Indian railways and is now implemented in the north easter railway frontier. The first installation was done near Guwahatti railway station in assam.
The basic principle followed in making these devices is the use of buzzing sound of bee to keep the elephants away from the railway track. Apart from this other methods like monitoring system, elephant corridors are used to protect elephants specially in the places where the train passes from a forest. The speciality of Plan bee is that the sound can be heard from a distance of 700m. the first system was installed near kamakhya and Azara station near Guwahati.

As per the railway department it has been effective and has saved life of many forest elephants. These devices have been installed in over 55 locations under NFR. The railway minister has also highlighted how the system has turned out to be helpful in protecting animals, the train driver can being formed early if the system detects any elephant crossing the railway lines and he could stop the train within that time.

Apart from, plan Bee and monitoring system speed restrictions are imposed in such area, underpasses are build, elephant corridors are constructed. All these steps can help resolve the problem and reduce the elephant death taking place due to train collision. As the implementing is done successfully the results are also visible, it is just one of the step towards safeguarding animals and protecting their lives. While development is the focus railway tracks will be installed for better connectivity at the same time if proper measures like Plan Bee will be taken it will be fruitful for the railways and for the animals as well.

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