Cursed Items of World


1. The Cursed Mirror 

Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, USA is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. However, the most spooky item in the house is a mirror. Locals claim that the mirror is cursed and has the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her two children who were poisoned by their slave Chloe trapped inside it.     

2. Baker’s Wedding Dress 

Inside the Baker mansion in Altoona, USA is the wedding dress of Anna Baker who fell in love with an ironworker. Legends claim that Anna eloped from her home to get married to her lover but her father forcefully brought her back and locked her in the bedroom. She then refused to marry anyone else and spent the rest of her life alone. After her death, the members of the Baker family reported spotting Anna’s wedding dress at different places around the house. Some of them even saw the spirit of Anna Baker moving around the house dressed in the same wedding dress. 

3. Annabelle Doll 

The discovery of this doll dates back to 1970 when a mother bought it from an antique shop as a birthday gift for her daughter. Soon, the family noticed strange things happening inside the house related to the doll. The family then called for the help of renowned psychic investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren who found that the doll possesses the spirit of a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins who was brutally murdered. The doll is now in the Occult Museum, Connecticut.  

4. Screaming Skull

The Burton Agnes Hall in Burton Agnes, England is home to a creepy paranormal object called the screaming skull. The screaming skull is believed to be of Katherine Anne Griffith who died in the same house after being attacked by bullies in 1620. Every night, a terrifying ghost is seen roaming around the skull making tremendous noise and scaring out everyone who tried to remove the skull. 

5. ‘The Hand Resist Him’ Painting 

The ‘Hand Resist Him’ painting by artist Bill Stoneham is probably one of the most haunted pieces of art. According to the artist, this painting is a representation of the doorway that connects our world with the world of the spirits. The owners of the painting have claimed that the characters in the picture move or disappear in the night.    

6. ‘The Anguished Man’ Painting 

Fascinated by the charm of ‘The Anguished Man Painting’, Sean Robinson inherited the painting from his grandmother and decided to hang the painting on the wall of his house. Soon after that, Sean and his family started experiencing paranormal events like cracking of the doors in the middle of the night and sudden blood-curdling screams from nowhere. Sean’s wife decided to investigate the origin of the painting and found that the artist who painted the painting committed suicide and before doing that he mixed his own blood with the paint that he used in making the painting. Learning this, the couple decided to hide the painting in the basement of their house in Cumbria. 

7. Peice Of Uluru Rock 

Uluru rock is a large sandstone formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, Australia. Also known as the Ayers Rock, this place is sacred for the Aboriginal people of the area. This is the reason they request or rather advice the visitors not to take anything from the site. However, many tourists smuggled home small chunks of the formation and experienced bad luck, severe illness, terrible break-ups and even death of loved ones. 

8. Letta The Gypsy Doll

According to the locals of Romania, a Romanian man handcrafted a doll for his son Letta. Unfortunately, the boy drowned while playing with the doll and his spirit got trapped inside the doll. The man then decided to give the doll to the son of one of his workers. The child claimed that the doll talked to him while other successive owners reported that holding the doll or being around it causes a feeling of immense grief and makes them cry without reason.  

9. Bulgarian Phone Number 

There is a Bulgarian phone number +359 888 888 888 which was in use for 10 years and is now closed. The reason behind deactivating the number lies in the death of those 3 people who used it.  All of the owners of this number died shortly after getting the number registered on their name. The first owner died of cancer, while the other two were shot down without any solid motive. 

10. ‘The Crying Boy’ Painting 

The painting of ‘The Crying Boy’ was created by artist Giovani Bragolin and became famous quickly. It was then mass-produced and was found in many homes across Britain. However, soon many of these homes mysteriously caught fire. But the most disturbing part of the entire incident was that no matter how severe the fire was, the painting remained absolutely fine. Some regarded these fires as mere coincidences, but the undamaged paintings have not been bagged by a valid explanation till date. 

11. Robert The Evil Doll

Robert Otto was gifted a look-a-like doll by one of his servants who apparently hated the family. Neighbors of Robert used to hear him having a conversation with the doll. After his death, A couple bought the house and their 8-year-old daughter found the doll in the attic. The little girl often claimed that the doll was trying to kill her. The doll is now on display in a museum in Key West and is still believed to curse people.   

12. Hope Diamond 

Another cursed object that must be kept away from human reach is the Hope diamond. This famous jewel is of an unusually large size with a soothing blue shade and is worth $250 million. However, the diamond is believed to be cursed since the 17th century and brings great misfortune and misery to its wearer. Folklores state that a French merchant plucked the gem from one of the eyes of a Hindu idol in 1653 and ever since then, whoever owns this 115-carat blue diamond opens the door for bad luck.   

13. Thomas Busby Chair 

Popularly known as Busby’s stoop chair, this wooden furniture is cursed by the spirit of Thomas Busby who was known to ruthlessly murder people. Before getting hanged for his crimes, he requested to have a meal in his favorite local pub. Upon finishing his meal, he stood and said: “May sudden death come to anyone who dares sit on my chair” and ever since then, 63 people who dared to sit on the chair, met untimely and terrifying deaths. Later, the owner of the pub donated the chair to the Thirsk Museum, UK and it is still there, hung 1.5 meters off of the ground to prevent any further deaths. 

14. Elmo Knows Your Name 

Elmo, the popular Sesame street character had a doll version of it launched who was programmed to memorize his owner’s name. A young boy James Bowman was a big fan of Elmo so his mother decided to gift him one on his 10th birthday. However, a few days later, the Elmo doll began to chant  “Kill James” continuously. This made his mom throw away the accursed toy. After a couple of years, other such incidents came into light regarding the Elmo doll. 

15. The Woman From Lemb Statue 

The Women From Lemb was found in Cyprus in 1878 and is an eye-catching artifact carved from limestone. The statue is said to have been owned by four different families, each of them dying within a few years of obtaining the artifact. Terrified by the deadly history of the statue, the only surviving member of the last family donated the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, things didn’t stop there. The museum curator who handled the statue was mysteriously murdered after a few days.  

16. Basano Vase 

Another cursed object that must not be touched is the Basano Vase that was made in the 15th century by an Italian maiden on her wedding night as a gift for her groom. Locals say that she was found murdered with the vase in her hand that very night. The vase was then passed on from families to families each claiming unfortunate deaths of loved ones. In 1988, it was offered to multiple museums but all of them refused to take it because of the curse on it. Where exactly it is now, remains unclear, but some say that it is buried in a lead coffin at an inaccessible place.   

17. Dybbuk Box 

The Dybbuk Box came into light in 2001 when Kevin Mannis purchased a wine cabinet and started having terrible nightmares. He then decided to gift the cabinet to his mother who suffered a stroke the very day she received it. Not just this, every person who ever owned that wine cabinet has reported experiencing horrible events. The last owner of the cabinet Jason Haxton found out that the box possesses the spirit of a malicious Jewish creature called Dybbuk, who has the ability to haunt and possess the living.  

18. The Iceman 

The mummy of Otzi aka the Iceman was found in 1991 in the Otzal Alps, Italy. It is believed that the Iceman belonged to 3000 BCE and his body was preserved because of the glacier that surrounded him after he died. However, soon after his discovery, people who were involved with his discovery began to die due to violent accidents. Forensic pathologist Rainer Henn died in a horrific car accident, Mountaineer Kurt Fritz died in an avalanche and Hiker Helmut Simon died after falling off from a dangerous hidden path. People believe that the discovery of Iceman is a curse and has the power to destroy mankind.   

19.Terracotta Army 

Terracotta Army in Shaanxi, China is a unique 2,200 pieces of funerary art which are regarded as one of the most massive archaeological discovery of modern times. However, it is nothing but a bearer of bad luck for all those seven farmers who discovered it in 1974. Soon after the discovery, their farmland was claimed by the government and their homes were demolished to make way for exhibition halls and gift shops. 

20. Belcourt Castle Chairs 

This former summer cottage in Rhode Island has a ballroom where you will find haunted chairs. Visitors have reported feeling chills racing up and down their spine while standing near the chairs or have felt a strange sensation of energy around them. Others have reportedly been pushed down from the chairs by an unseen force.     

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