Without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts in the universe is the friendship of children. No matter how old we are, playing times with friends can take us back to a time when life was perfect and fun. It is easy to assume that such moments are a global and proven child experience, however, sadly it is not. Children raised in orphanages often miss out on the joys of contact with fellow orphans because such experiences are not available to them in an orphanage. Today is a great day to think about why friendships are so important to children. For children, friendship is an important part of their mental, physical, and social development. Children need opportunities to play together to form friendships. Through friendships, children learn to communicate with others in social situations. They also improve their physical health by competing with their peers in sports and by pushing the limits of their physical abilities. Friendship during childhood is an important part of a child’s emotional development and promotes good mental health. Through friendship and playfulness, toddlers and young children learn to interpret social media and learn to communicate with others. Children are naturally inclined to think of them and their needs. Through childhood friendships, children learn to understand how others feel and how their actions can affect others. Friendship teaches children empathy which is an important life skill that helps them understand why a person feels a certain emotion. Children’s friendships built into a noisy playground create a sense of security for children. They are able to form strong bonds with their peers, as well as with their caregivers and teachers. This has the added benefit of improving their learning skills and creating better opportunities for academic success. The benefits of childhood friendship extend to adulthood. Adults who have built strong relationships from childhood will have great success in their personal and professional lives. The benefits of childhood friendship are undeniable. Play is the child’s first chance to build a relationship. By creating an environment in which children can form friendships with their peers, we are investing in their long-term success.

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