Get paid to read books

Get paid to read books

Books are the best companions for Human beings. There are a lot of genres in books. Everyone has their own interest in reading. Some read Self-help like Elon Musk and Robin Sharma while some read fantasies like Harry Potter and The Midnight Library. Whatever the genres are, we lost ourselves in books but we find ourselves in them too…

Anyway, how many of us know that we can get paid to read books without spending a penny? There are lots of organizations and Publishing websites or Instagram, Facebook pages are providing this opportunity like freelancing services. All of these websites are Legit and You can earn some incentives for your reviews. In This article, we will enroot some Indian websites and Instagram pages for paid reviews.

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What are the requirements:

You need 3 or more social media platforms to submit your reviews.

Major platforms:

  1. Instagram profile (Bookstagram account are highly preferred/ If you have only a personal account it’s not a problem unless you have more than 500 followers there and No objections to post about books.)
  2. Amazon profile (You must have eligibility for product reviews)
  3. Goodreads profile

Optional platforms:
1.Facebook page
2.WordPress /Pinterest account
3.Your own blog or websites

Websites or Instagram pages:
To get started with reviews, the below pages will be best and simple.


These websites or Instagram accounts are famous in India. Where you can get paid for both the book as well as some incentives for your reviews. (either it is a kindle version or paperback books)

What you have to do:
You can simply DM the above-mentioned Instagram pages that you are interested to join their review team. They will send a contact or WhatsApp/ Telegram link to join their group. And they will send about the book and other details in the group.

For your information:
In Most of these websites, when they send about the book and deadlines you have to buy the book personally, after your reviews are live on the platforms you will be paid within a week for both the book cost and shipping you have spent and the incentives too.

Payment mode:
All these websites are from India so you don’t have to worry about payment modes.

  1. GooglePay
  2. Phonepe
  3. Paytm
  4. Sometimes you can even get the amount as an Amazon Gift card (It’s rare)

How much you will get as the incentives:
The book cost is doesn’t matter to us because obviously, we will get them back. But mostly the book cost will be around 100 to 200 rupees. Incentives will be 50 to 100. To get more than 100 rupees you need more than 3000 followers.

This is a great opportunity for Readers who can get free copies in their hands. And you will be paid for your Passion. These books will adore your collections

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