Is Indian Women Safe?

India is a country which serves liberty and sovereignty too all. We say that we are free and have the freedom to do anything whatever we wish, the only thing which we should keep on our mind is the purpose and result should be welfare of all or self. In August 15th, 1947 we became citizen of free democratic as well as a republic nation. But the question which arises is “are we completely free?” “The word freedom is meant for females too or it was served only for the male members of our country?” Indian women are the one who are always consider inferior than man and are supposed to be inside the house with getting indulge in all household works. Women are still questioned when they work overnight. It may be a private place or a public one, whether its home or office, the one who is certainly humiliated as well as misbehaved is the women. Report suggests that India is the most dangerous place for women across the world.

Killing the infant in the mother’s womb to surviving a motionless life after the acid attack, the only person suffers is the women of our society. It can be a rape, gang rape, acid attack, female foeticide, dowry death, abandonment, mob lynching, and harassing mentally or physically, these all problems are tolerated by the single women. And after all these suffering our patriarchal society think they are weak and are meant to be under the foot of men. The crime that happened at Delhi on 16th December, 2012 where a brave girl Nirbhaya was brutally raped. This incident left everyone stunned and traumatized that how such vicious act could be done by a human beings like us. Laxmi Agarwal, she was fighter and a winner but who can forget that how mercilessly she became the victim of acid attack just because she refused the proposal of a man. Acid attacks are still continuing. Irom Sharmila a victim of acid attack is eating through her nose so that she could stay alive. And yet we celebrate Independence Day, are we free in the true sense? And how free the Constitution makes the women? We think that being women is too easy but this is not true if you are Indian women because here in our secular country in every 20minutes a female is raped. In the same year when Nirbhaya was raped the NCRB report suggest that in that year more than 68 girls are raped each day. The number of rape cases as well as other crimes are rapidly increasing and after all these we talk about women empowerment and equality.

Justice should be served to all whether she is a female or male. Not all people are same but maximum have a cruel heart. Effective steps are needed to be taken to stop such merciless offense. Our government should make strict laws and regulation. If such crimes are done then immediate and strict action need to be taken so that the fear is always there in the mind of the people. It’s high time and we need to take strict steps regarding such rising problems otherwise the situation will become worse in the upcoming generation.

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