Is youth forming a new culture?

Today’s Youth is tomorrow’s future and these words matters a lot when we talk about the youth of any country. The way next generation is brought up, what they understand, what they learn and receive from the previous generation is important. As far as the question “is youth forming a new culture” is concerned it is true.
It is observed that the older generation is always quiet concerned about the next generation so they try to bring them up well and try to understand their mindset, thought, ideas and concerns. Well, the youth today is already facing many problem which may have existed in previous generation but, avoided. This generation is experiencing so many changes ups and down in life the older ones often address them as broken and depressed ones. But, this is not the whole truth if the new generation is considered depressed and insecure but, they are also talented, smart and decision makers.
There is a possibility that even the elderly people judge us because the other side says today’s youth is engaged into bad habits like alcohol, drug addiction etc but, it is important to focus on positive aspect where the young people are aware, know what is right and what is wrong and who stand against the injustice. The young people are serving in military and working in NGO, they are building start-ups, they are trying to open up, entertain and working hard to achieve what they want. All the negative part are just the distractions or wrong influence which is due to the bad elements of the society which have always existed be it any generation.
Every new generation brings with it something unique like if we talk about history, we have revolutionaries, leaders change makers because at that time the agenda was different it was about freedom struggle and developing nation free from colonisation. After that, came people who were capable of bringing change in their country for the benefit of people for a new start. Similarly, modern agendas which are focused on modern problems is what the youth is trying to find a solution of modern-day problems which are not as big as a freedom revolution but, closely associated to physical and mental wellbeing. The hectic schedules, balancing between personal and professional life, it is about adapting to new changes and accepting it. Some of the top issues are – body positivity, mental health, adulthood, peace of mind etc and many upcoming issues, the youth is taking part actively and contributing their share in nation development, they know how to take stand and raise their voice in a crowd.
They are definitely bringing up a new culture and the future will see it, It is bright and beautiful.

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