ISRO to launch geo imaging satellite

This year world is facing the wrath of nature in every possible way from a deadly pandemic to extreme heat waves and what not. It has been tough year for many of us because suddenly all these disaster taking place did not gave any time for recovering, and above all this people are facing loss and losing their hopes.
Specifically talking about India, the COVID waves made Indians witness the worst medical emergencies and people losing life Infront of the eyes. The situation was horrific and shook everyone deep inside. The ongoing situation is all about reducing the chances to enter into the second wave. In the month of May cyclone Taut hit the western shore, the reason behind cyclone formation was increased surface temperature due to global warmimg, even after taking several measures this high intensity cyclone created loss. The continues Cloud burst in the hilly areas is posing another threat , for both hilly and plain areas, cloud burst have further increased the risk of landslides and flash floods. The force has been deployed to rescue people safely out of such areas Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are worst effected. The rescue process is hampered by bad climatic conditions and hilly terrain due to lost of connectivity it has become difficult to reach people. moreover, this can work as a catalyst for spreading COVID.
The Indian Space Research Organisation has planned to launch a geo imaging satellite this year. the launch is delayed due to COVID 19 situation but, as per Dr. Jitendra Singh the minister of state for science and technology the launch will take place soon. EOS -03 is a geo imaging satellite is specialised in monitoring the geographical changes and climatic movements on regular bases, it will be monitoring the country on regular bases. This will be helpful in keeping an eye upon the natural disasters like landslide, flood etc and for monitoring any climatic situation. Before this ISRO has announced about successful testing of Vikas engine that is for upcoming Gangayaan Mission. The satellite is bild with latest technology to ensure better and reliable results in future. This will add another satellite into the solar system strengthening the satellite network of India, and will further help in preparation of the unforeseen disasters. As now India is facing trouble in terms of the bad climatic condition in the hilly areas and other part of the country. Indian Space Research Organisation has made extensive development in past one year, ISRO play a significant role in India’s Development in space science and technology, it is widely recognised space agency. Such development will help secure better future and enhance the working operations. ISRO has even contributed at the time when COVID was at its peak and ventilators were not available to the people as they were either occupied or unavailable ISRO developed cost effective ventilators and the production was did at large scale to support the people in difficult times. Natural disaster don’t come with warning thus its better to make arrangements before hand.

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