Telangana: Want to Resume physical classes for primary students….!!!

With many states planning to start physical classes only for high school students, managements and teachers said that it is much more important to resume physical classes for primary students, as many of them unable to follow virtual classes.

They said that offline classes should be conducted at least two days a week for primary students. “Even as per ICMR, the impact of Covid-19 on children under the age group of 10 is much less when compared with elder children and adults. Why not start physical classes for them as well,” V Amarnath, director.

“These students are unable to concentrate, their confidence is low and communication skills have been impacted,” he said, adding that holistic development of a child has been impacted overall. Teachers said that physical classes should be resumed for all children in August within a gap of 10-15 days and all students should get to attend offline classes on alternate days.

“Now, almost all teachers are vaccinated. The same is the case with parents. So the risk of children spreading Covid seems to be comparatively lower. However, the state should provide sanitation, medical staff and allocate sufficient budget to follow Covid protocols in schools. By following all norms, physical classes should be started,” said M Ravinder, a government teacher, adding students are already facing memory and conceptual loss.

Parents agreed that it is a matter of urgency to resume physical classes, although they said that the same cannot be done in a haste.

The government should form a committee and study the impact of reopening of schools. They need to communicate with parents, explain what to expect and give an assurance about their children and family members’ safety.