What is the need of nature in our life?

Nature is the most beautiful creation of God Nature is a great gift to all of us living on earth. We get water, air, and food, sunlight from nature. Animals, birds, trees-plants, flowers, fragrances, smells, all this is an important part of nature.

Nature helps us a lot to live a good and healthy life. Our common needs are fulfilled by nature such as food, clothes, shelter.

Nature is very beautiful, there is a variety of beauty in nature like beautiful flowers, colorful fish, skies, land, rivers, mountains, seas and many more All these things are very useful in nature, we will always need it to survive. We have to avoid it from getting spoiled, it is our responsibility to take care of nature. We have to keep nature clean, we have to protect nature so that nature should never be harmed.

We should thank God that we have come to this world in the midst of such a beautiful nature. Nature is like our mother, so we should always take care of nature. Nature is getting wasted due to many things Due to the extreme type of pollution, deforestation, global warming rates. It is our job that we should save nature from harm. If we save our mother nature today, then our future generates will also get to see it.They will also know what is nature, what is the benefit to us from nature, we are alive today, they will get all this knowledge.

What do we get to learn from nature

  • nature puts everyone on equal ground.
  • Nature lets children burn off energy in a healthy way.
  • Nature teaches empathy, compassion, and connection.
  • Nature teaches that outcomes aren’t always predictable.
  • Nature creates opportunity for children to be inventive.
  • Nature is instructive about life.
  • Lots of outdoor play is proving to have specific health benefits.
  • Nature is the only place to learn so many life skills.
  • Nature teaches us to save people’s lives.

All that has been given to us by nature. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. nature gifts us with many benefits that safeguard our health and ensure our survival these benefits are called ecosystem services.

They are often broken down into four board categories.

  1. The first category is supporting services. These services are the foundation of ecosystems. Which provide habitat for a diversity of plants and animals supporting services include pollination, photosynthesis, soil creation and nutrient cycling.
  2. The second category is provisioning services. These services include any materials extracted from nature that benefits humans like fruits, vegetable, seeds, livestock, and fish. they also include plants used for clothing and medicine. along with natural compounds used for antibiotics.
  3. The third category is regulating services. these services ensure nature runs smoothly. for example plants and soil clean and file water while trees capture carbon. bacteria help decompose waste while many insects control the pest population. healthy ecosystems also reduce damage from floods, storms, wildfires, and droughts.
  4. the fourth category is cultural services. these services enhance our mental, emotional and physical health, think of how nice it feels to camp in the woods walk along the beach or hike through a forest. Nature also plays muse to some of our greatest artists. And even influence culture, folklore and spirituality. Nature takes care of us.
The existence of nature is a sign of the survival of all of us, on the day when nature is not there, then this earth will also not exist. That's why we should save nature and keep nature clean.

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