Who Moved My Cheese

About  Book

Author :  spencer Johnson

Published on :  8 September 1998

Publisher :  G. P. Putnam’s sons

Genres : Fiction and self-help book

My rating : 4.3/5


The author has illustrated the change via short story of two mice and two humans. Who moved my cheese has four characters, two mice are sniff and scurry and two humans are hem and haw. They live in a maze and find cheese frequently to survive, but their ways of searching and perception about finding cheese were different. The mice follow simple strategy. They test each path to find cheese, but humans don’t follow the same strategy.

One day they all find a ton of cheese in one place that looks like it’s enough to last them a lifetime. After this their life become more convenient because they don’t have to struggle to find cheese. Inspite of getting cheese in bulk, mice are always vigilant . They always ready to dispatch if cheese disappears. Human usually don’t want to step out of their comfort zone.

One day, cheese gets over. And their response of accepting  the reality varies . Mice quickly move on accepting the fact , but humans are not ready to move on. They believe that they were entitled to the cheese. They decide to stay in hope that cheese will appear again. But nothing happens as they expected.  Haw decides to explore the maze for more cheese and also convince hem. But he refuses to go with him. Eventually ,he meets with a tons of cheese and also with sniff and scurry.


This book has emphasised on change which  is universal truth of life. Cheese is a metaphor that everyone wants in their life. It could be money, fame, reputation, happiness, success, achievements, or anything else.we can link cheese with our passion , goal , dream. Author has given deeply broad massage with this simple story. Human beings perspective towards any problems or changes differs from each other. Stories four characters react and act as per of their individual sense. We can learn from each character’s attitude and action towards changes.The sooner you accept change and move on, the sooner you will get your cheese (goal).

This book will really help you to move ahead in life if you are stuck anywhere. You can foresaw yourself if you follow the path one of those characters . In case of hem he gets used to of comfort life and easiness. He was not accepting  the change and move ahead. So at the end he did not get the cheese. There is a lot to learn from each characters . Always stay vigilant like sniff and scurry. Make yourself ready for changes that we have to encounter in life. Initially haw deny to admit the fact, but after not changing the situation for long. He decides to move on. It taught us even if we are late but decide to stand , eventually we will get success and will be proud of our decision later.

Put yourself in a different circumstances, make you strong to overcome difficulties and come out as an outstanding personality. Its human tendency he gets used to of old habits and expect different results with doing the same thing. Today each one struggle for getting  easy and convenient life.

About Author  :   Dr. Spencer Johnson is one of the most spectacular thinker and beloved author. His international bestseller books include three books: Who Moved My Cheese?, sold 25 million copies. The One Minute Manager, the most popular management method for over two decades, An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change, the mostly read  book on change,  and his newest, The Present. Over 40 million copies of Dr. Johnson’s books are printed in 42 language.