Nationalism always been most  forgettable ideology. Nationalism seeks to pressure & foster a nation’s traditional culture. Nationalism dominant the loyalty and devotion towards nation. It aims to build and maintain a single National identity based on shared social characteristics of culture, ethnicity, geographic location, language, politics, religion traditions and belief […]

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Who Moved My Cheese

About  Book Author :  spencer Johnson Published on :  8 September 1998 Publisher :  G. P. Putnam’s sons Genres : Fiction and self-help book My rating : 4.3/5 PLOT The author has illustrated the change via short story of two mice and two humans. Who moved my cheese has four […]

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Construction of a Conscious Youth & Society

Article by – Shishir TripathiIntern at Hariyali FoundationIn collaboration withEducational News In the present times where unnecessary issues are given extra weightage or extra attention by social media houses and the news channels, it has become so important for the youth, for the country men to open up their eyes […]

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