Global education summit at London

Education is a powerful tool and an educated person is an asset for the society, an educated society is essential for the overall development of the nation. Right to education is included in the fundamental right and primary education is mandatory, a child who has no access to school or educational facility will find it difficult to survive in a society without education he will be missing the growth opportunity at later stages of life. Economically, education index of a country will be poor in comparison to a nation where everyone has access to education. Above all an educated person is able to give back to the society.

Amidst of Covid crisis, education has faced loss be it education institute, the students, teachers or professors every one is bothered by it. It is still a challenge for many countries to bring back the flow because the collapse that has occurred in the past two years is going to impact the future of all the children.
The underdeveloped countries are at major loss not only in terms of education but, all other aspect they are facing crisis of even the basic requirements for instance when most of the countries were running vaccination programs for their citizen they were struggling and dyeing.
At recent a global education summit was held at London in order to address this issue at global level. Kenya and United kingdoms are co hosting the summit. The summit is conducted to analyse various issue that are a major concern for all such countries and how to deal with the same. It includes – the downfall of education system due to the pandemic, funding, inequalities in terms of resources available to different countries, a total amount of $ 5 billion was raised under Global partnership of Education that is GPE to support public education and not for commercial purpose. The call was made by 36 organisations and further GPE’s aim is to provide free primary and secondary education worldwide so that everyone will be benefited.

The issue of developing a quality education system needs to be resolved both at global and grass root level. It is a tough situation and finding a solution can be more tough, unity and support of all the nations can help overcome this. Framing of policies and donation in support is also necessary. As per GPE’s march 2021 report almost half of the children across the world were out of school due to the pandemic, which lead the schools to shut down. GPE is trying to provide education assistance to the worst affected countries, they are working upon raising fund and stabilize the falling education budget. They play a significant role and working hard to do the best.

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