Hush Hush: Women Are Always Hushed!

Everything is either taboo or inappropriate when it comes to women.

Sexual harassment at the workplace

‘If you want to keep your job then hush!’. Well, the norm is if a girl is harassed and mind you irrespective of her age, it is because either her dressing was inappropriate or she was out late.  Well, then what excuse or explanation do you have when a 90-year-old grandmother or a 3-month-old baby girl or even a cow is sexually harassed?

I’m guessing society will blame the parents of the three-month-old baby or the owner of the cow. The person who commits the cause is never blamed just because he happens to be a MAN.


Do you want to know why girls are out there alone? Because they need to make a living. They need to get their life going and feed their starving children back home.

Women are scared to travel in busses and trains after their work in the evenings. They are living in constant fear of the men standing or sitting behind them. 

What happens when women are denied their rights at their workplace? What happens when women are harassed in their offices? Will a well-dressed woman working in a nine to five job be blamed for her inappropriate dressing or staying out at odd hours?

Something that men should ponder upon – What if these silent women one day react?  Men won’t be able to even comprehend the power inside a woman. Because that is how amazingly she carries it.

In the end, it is expected of women to hush and forget the whole thing and show up every day at work with a big smile.

Women are made to do this every time in fear of losing their jobs or standing in society. They are terrified of having their names be dragged through all this negative attention and the frown on the faces of their children and family.

Men on the other hand can shrug it off.

Girls are taught right from the age of 6 how to behave, talk, dress and eat. Boys are not given much attention because boys are boys. They are expected to be naughty and reckless. In case a girl talks back or rebels, she is punished harshly and looked down upon. She is titled as the bad sheep of the family bringing dishonour to the name.

Parents and elders, when you make sure your daughters are at home on time and not roaming around at night and calling them up every minute of the day for updates and to know their every move, it is also just as important for you to check on your sons.

Even if you trust them and give your word on their behalf, circumstances can at times prove otherwise. It is never a shame or frowned upon when you check in on your boys, instead you are just making sure the girls out there are safe.

And that is something you can contribute to this world.

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