We Want Independence!-A wide view to DEVELOPMENT

The Independence day is marked on 15th August every year in India with celebrations all across the nation. It was the day during year 1947 when our country attained freedom from the rule of the Britishers and initiated a free life without any force or restrictions held upon.

Since then we have had started to build a strong nation by empowering the citizens of the country to contribute their best towards achievement of common goals. Till now we have developed a great infrastructure to rely upon and set an example for the upcoming generations to never limit themselves. There have been a wide range of development and changes from how our nation used to be at the time of independence. Yes, it took a lot time for our nation to settle and move on from the disturbances created by the British rule but it gradually made way for itself.

But is it enough to have good machines and buildings to label the country as a developing nation ?

Development is a far wider concept than this much.

Though we succeeded in earning freedom for the country but have we been able to secure one for its citizens ?

Today we have long streets but are women free to wander anytime there ? We have laid rights and duties for our policemen but are they able to hold them and exercise them whenever it feels necessary ? There are responsibilities and obligations for the ministers but not all abide by them. There are established rules and regulations for a doctor but are the street clinics following them ? There are innumerable schemes and reliefs for underprivileged sections but do they have knowledge and sources for that ? The answer is NO. We still lag behind other countries in the world for which these are amongst the major reasons. Where is the freedom for the locals when they can’t even live their own way!

People take it as just a topic to discuss about feminism but when will we accept it in our lives is uncertain till date. There is no place where we see women walk on streets during night without any tension even after the advent of this modern era. It is still the case in villages that women be kept within walls or should not speak much or should not show their face to outsiders, etc. The lockdown time recorded more cases of domestic violence which raises the question if it is the women’s fault that the men suffer in their life. No. Females are not meant to be hushed. They do hold opinions and require justified treatment and respect to live their life. People call Bharat- Mata signifying the care and sacrifices of a mother and affection of the children for it. So, are these mere words to show off ? Isn’t it the responsibility of everyone to support and care for the women since they too are human and bear feelings as men do. They too get angry but the difference is they don’t let it become heavy on their mind. Crime against women are the reason that they are being limited by the society far below their potential. It is alarming the need for women empowerment and Yes, it is taking place, though gradually but atleast people are being responsible and ignited by the thought. Women have started to fight, women have started to rise! Only the complete support by the men is lacking..

One reason for our failed administration is loopholes in the administration system itself. The Police holds powers but they are not allowed to exercise them when they need. They can catch the criminal but can’t punish them what they deserve because the law stands in between and thinks for the welfare of those who take undue advantage of it! Also, the cases in courts get lined up in such a long queue that when the turn comes, it is no more required to be solved and we know how well this is being misused. There is always a way out when it comes to criminal offences but no way reaches out for the victims or justice seekers. These failures make up our administration. Above all are the ministers who work for money. They favour crime for their benefit without even being identified publicly. These are some of the many drawbacks that we are not able to grow as individuals. These are well known by everybody but the public is helpless! It gets trapped in the lure of fake promises and elects corruption as their representative. Who would anyway dare to confront their power or if somebody does, will the others follow up or support him ? This directs us to another big issue of “unity” among the people of the country. It is only to show off on official days that we are one and stand for nation but deep within people don’t even care for their neighbours whom we call our “first relatives”. It seems like we only say but never do. Those who does are criticised for breaking or hurting the religion code, as always!

What about those who illegally open shops and clinics without being identified and very easily they succeed in gaining attention of their target sections of the society. These fraudsters sell dangerous products and services to the public, risking lives of many. The shopkeepers selling adulterated items and doctors who are not even doctors (fake), opening clinics in local streets are some infamous examples of cheating and harming the people. Another is regarding the land owners and industry employers who are biased with poor workers and keep them untouched of their rights and reliefs.

Similar to these are many more cases where the citizens demand independence from the rule of the “more powerful”. The crimes are rising and voices being suppressed which hinders future prospects of growth of the country and arises an urgent need of bringing spotlight on the public, the locals, the less-knowns and less-identified.