Are online classes worth it?

As you know COVID-19 destroyed the world economy to a great extent and still we are not fully back on our track. The major impact of this can be seen on education as well. All the schools and universities shut down causing the harm to the students. They are forced to complete their education by the means of internet only just by sitting at their homes. Internet no doubt provides us with alot of opportunities and ed-tech is one of them but it also leads to huge destruction of students carrier and their mind. When the virus hitted the economy the teachers started taking the classes online by the way of various available platforms and both the negative as well as the positive impact for the students were observed.

Agree that there are various advantages of online classes that a student can learn on their time just by sitting at their homes but it has a disadvantage in itself because most of the students just join the classes but don’t give due care to the lectures.Some students don’t feel comfortable asking their queries in class so in an online class they can pause videos or return to concepts covered in previous modules. But this opportunity is not taken by most of the students because they are one who are completely ignoring the lectures and doing something else in their home.

Teachers are also facing alot of issues in this as the network issues hits alot while taking the classes. Also video can’t be open by the students who are living in remote areas. If we also look up in the worst ground then there are students who are even not having the proper equipment to attend the classes and also not able to give exams which is the reason of stress and anxiety among them.

We can just pray together that everything comes back on the track very soon so that we can see the happy faces going to schools and universities rather attending classes just by being on their bed.