Indian men and women Hockey teams reaches semi finals, creates history

Both Indian men and women Hockey teams are having a wonderful Olympics so far as the both teams has reached semifinals . Yesterday Indian men’s team defeated great Britain by 3-1 and will play semifinal match on a Wednesday 7:00 AM (IST). they have reached semifinals after 49 years. On the other hand , Indian women team stunned Olympic favorites today and beat Australia 1-0.

After these two emphatic wins , the medal hopes are very high from our hockey team. Indian men were very confident against great Britain . India scored 3 field goals in the match, first goal was scored by Dilpreet Singh(7 th minute), 2nd goal from (16th minute) and Hardik Singh’s goal was the final goal from India. Great Britain tried there best but India managed to keep them away from comeback. only one goal was scored by great Britain and that was from Sam Ward.(source of the information 😦

But the results which was totally unexpected was from today’s women team match, where our women hockey team defeated world champion Australian team. Indian women team was not totally in good touch from starting . They were defeated badly in there first few matches badly and no one in country would have believed at that time, that this team will be in semi finals. They defeated Ireland and South Africa in group matches from where they found a momentum. that is some unbelievable achievement from women’s team. and the way they played today and handled the pressure shows what an remarkable team it is.

Talking about today’ s match, Gurjit Kaur scored the lone goal of the match in 22nd minute through penalty corner. after that both teams tried to score goal but India did very well and Australia was not able to score a goal .Australia got many penalty corners but India did very well to counter that.

Indian men team was in very good touch from starting, they defeated New Zealand in there first match of Tokyo Olympic by 3-2, but then came the match against Australia, where they were blown away with a heavy 1-7 defeat. but the thing to appreciate was India’s comeback. After that match ,they didn’t lose any match and won matches against Argentina, Spain and Japan. This is not an easy thing to do because these type of loses like that against Australia can easily demotivate and and affect your confidence for upcoming matches.

Indian hockey has seen different phases from winning 8 gold medals till 1980 to not able to qualify in Beijing Olympics in 2008.In Rio Olympics 2016, India managed to enter quarter final but was defeated in next round. For a country like India who gave many great hockey players like Major Dhyan Chand , it is very difficult to believe that we were not not able to win an Olympic medal since 1980. But this Indian hockey team has that capability to win a medal for country and they have shown that again and again. If Indian hockey team(either men or women) manages to win a medal in hockey that will be a very huge boost to Hockey in India. it will revive again, India ‘s golden days in hockey will be back.

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