What is friendship ?

Friendship This word has many different meanings in our life, what is friendship? It is necessary to have friendship? Are the people of school, college who study together, they are friends?

Friendship is that which can be with anyone, it can be with your grandfather, grandmother or father, mother, brother, sister or even with your friends from college, school. Friendship is that relationship that people maintain even without any relationship. And maybe not. Friendship is that which is in any relationship, then that relationship automatically becomes good. Friendship acts as sweetness in every relationship, in which no matter how angry we get, but the relationship never breaks.

Mr. Krishna has said that friendship has no meaning, this question has meaning that what is the meaning of anarth? Friendship means giving, Your time, your happiness, your feelings And if you do it to ask for something, how is that friendship? And if seen, those who love do not need to get anything, they get it themselves when the time comes. But in today’s time friendship has become of two types, one selfless and the other selfish friendship. But if we see in today’s time or in movies or in our history, then friendship was very important. At that time friendship meant family only. In today’s time, if a person keeps humanity, then that is a big thing.

But even today there is such friendship. Friendship is never done by seeing someone’s caste, religion or whether he is rich or poor, friendship is always from the heart. Friendship is never made by looking big or small, it happens with people of any age. Friendship is between every parent and child, That’s why those people openly tell each other everything about them. Friendship means love without fear and having fun.

Friendship is not only between humans, there is also friendship between humans and animals.

And if said, the friendship of animals more than humans is selfless which is without any meaning. They can’t even speak, they just love, they are the companions of our loneliness, so are the partners of happiness. Animals also love us like us, but they love us more than us, in front of their love, the love of us humans is also less. They are happy with our arrival and they express that happiness by loving us fun, they cannot even speak but they are more than honest people. In today’s time everyone has some pet animal in their house which is a member of their family. To be fair, this is friendship. Friendship supports even in sorrow and even in happiness, friendship is very beautiful, they are very lucky. Those who are destined to have friends who stand by them all the time. And friendship means family, friendship should be such that it becomes family and friendship cannot be more than family. Where we get love without any meaning even after our mistake. So friendship means family. The friendship that is made from the heart, that is friendship without any selfishness.

 it is true that in today's time we are all very busy. But believe that those who love us only want time from us that we should spend some time with our loved ones. So do take some time out for your friends and family members. And wherever you are, may you all be happy and healthy.

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