Many times we, as a couple or family members argue fight each other in an ugly manner. This is completely normal in any relationship. People are different and so are their thoughts and opinions on crucial matters. Arguments arise and are settled through talks ( mostly I suppose!).
The problem arises when this act is carried out in front of children. To be more specific, children aged between 1-7 years. Although traumatic experiences at home or elsewhere may affect an individual at any age, the age between one to seven years is a learning stage for children.
Children are very sensitive and have to be looked after very carefully. During the initial years, they learn and grasp from their surroundings quickly. What is portrayed before them, remains in their memories and becomes an essential part of their personality.
No doubt, after growing up and in their teenage stage, they may fall into bad company. Also, display of decency in their initial years may not guarantee a lifelong embedment of those traits, but that is not, in any way an excuse for not sticking to the same.
It is observed in schools that students of even class 4th indulge in gruesome fights and display aggression levels par their age. This not only throws light on the upbringing of the child but also is dangerous for him at a personal level. The child may become a potent criminal if his behavior is not corrected at the earliest. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to make the child learn mannerisms that are good for him as well as the society.
It is not a rare sight when parents are found arguing with teachers during parent-teacher meetings. All parents love their children. They face every hardship, so that their child/children may live a smooth and happy life. But loving your child too much can prove dangerous for them. Now some may ask how much is ‘too much?’
Too much love comes into existence when we start ignoring the mistakes of our children and blame others for their acts. Children must be corrected at every wrong turn they take, else the dark path awaits them.
One common mistake that parents make while correcting their child from doing anything or when he has done something is by scolding and shouting at them. In some cases, a beating follows. This is a very wrong move and makes a negative impact on the tender mind of children. This leads them to believe that violence and anger are the only resort to get things done.
They should be made to understand things with patience and love so that elements of generosity are planted in them.
Children learn around 75% of behaviorisms and activities by the age of six years. Therefore carefulness must be taken so that they come out to be good human beings and contribute towards a better world.

Good Luck!

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