3 R’s of Waste Management

Waste is one of the biggest problems for humans in today’s world. Whether it be of any kind ,(solid or liquid) it can cause a lot of health damage and many other problems. Basically, waste is any material that is discarded because it has serves its purpose and is no longer useful for us. waste is anything that occupies space, produces odour and smell, and has some weight.

But management of this waste is very difficult and important step to manage it. we know that nature recycles a lot of waste through many processes but due to increasing population , nature cannot manage all waste and this is where humans have to step up because if we will not be look into this it will gradually destroy our environment, cause harmful diseases and many other serious problems.

one of the easiest and popular way to do management of waste is 3 R’s( Reuse, Reduce and Recycle ) let us discuss these 3 R’s in detail :-

  1. Reduce: reducing the waste is the very good way to manage the waste in environment . As more we will reduce the waste more , the less waste will be in environment .some efforts that we can do to reduce waste are:-

we should try to use disposals as minimum as possible, we should buy less products with packaging as it is a very big reason of waste, we always see food packages in streets and roads. This is a major reason of waste. we should either avoid packaging food or manage it properly by keeping it in dustbin. some more methods are:-

  • we should change our old processes for best use of raw material , through which we will be able to reduce waste in industries.
  • the liquid waste can be reduced by many scientific techniques such as precipitation etc.
  • we should try to use segregation of waste method to manage the waste .

2. Reuse: This method is becoming popular day by day. because if we reuse any particular material rather than throwing it away after just 1 use, definitely we will be able to reduce waste in pour area or environment .

we should not throw any material or product just due to a small defect or something else we can do something out of it. it can be reused in a different manner. we should only throw it if we realize that it cannot be reused anymore.

In countries like India, some waste materials like glass, bottles rubber etc. are placed casually in streets, these materials’ can be reused if we use them properly. Although many waste collectors in areas collect these wastes and supply them in useful areas helping in reducing the waste.

3. Recycle : the best R of waste management is recycling the waste. it is a processing of remanufacturing a product to make it useful again. some materials that can be recycled are such as plastic, rubber , glass etc. In India, we have tonnes of waste that is recycled . Plastic is one of the most recyled material that is recycled in tonnes. Recycling helps in reducing the consumption of fresh materials .it is one of the most important process of waste management .