National gallery of modern art

A virtual tour 

During the pandemic, our department arranged a virtual tour of the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, India. Mr. Ganguly S took us to the virtual tour of the NGMA. He discussed the aim and objective of the NGMA. The art is preserved in the gallery from the 1850s. He also discussed how they develop and maintain the gallery art. He also shared information about a specialized library of books, periodicals, photographs and other audio visual materials. NGMA has also organized lectures, seminars and conference. They also encourage higher studies and research in the field of art and its different areas such as art criticism, art appreciation, museology and the inter-relation of visual and performing arts. NGMA helps people to understand the work of our great artists, their works and share the story of their arts. 

The NGMA was inaugurated by the late former vice- President of India Dr. S Radhakrishanan in the presence of former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and artist and art lover of the city on March 29, 1954. NAGMA’s inauguration was marked by an exhibition of sculptures. Debi Parsad Roy Chowdhary, Ramkinkar Baji, Sankho chaudhari, Dhanraj Bhagat, Sarbari Roy chowdhary and others were present at the time of inauguration.

The art collection of the NGMA is vast and eclectic. The 17,000 works within it testify to a rich and resplendent past even as they pay tribute to the present. Much care was lavished in the building up of a modern and contemporary collection. The collection of Raja Ravi Verma, Abanindranath Tagore (old master), amrita sher-gil and Rabindranath tagore and et ul (modernists artists) are displayed here. The contemporary art is also included in the gallery by different artists. Landmark paintings of M.F hussain, tyeb mehta’s santiniketan triptych were entered in the NGEMA’s collection in the 90s. The art work of NGMA was obtained through purchase, permanent loans and gifts. 

The virtual tour were really interesting and informative. We learn so much about modern art, artists and preservation of art material for a long time. It was really interesting to know about the facts of NGMA. We learn about the preservation of painting and the story behind the painting. The whole museum is divided according to the themes. The arrangement of the showcase was so allegiant. There is also a library which consists of the written works and sculptures there. It was really good to see how long the journey of our  art is.  The beauty is innate in the painting and also speaks of the evolution in painting and storage. The gallery had many paintings there for such a long time.   The storage techniques are different with the needs of the arts. They also offer diplomas and courses in the gallery. Many PhD students and professors arranged    seminars there. 

 The experience of the virtual tour was really useful. During the pandemic we missed our  real tour but  it was also work. It gives us ideas to work with the online mood. Hope, so we are going to have an actual walk of NGMA soon. 

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