Your dreams have footprints. They could be beautiful or they could be uneasy. Footprints get life only when you breathe them right. You breathe in the destiny and breathe out a plan hence giving life to footprints in front of you.

The footprints you left behind are so important that a right footprint you left behind could create a thousand more right footprints. If you have opened a very important path for humanity, all you have to do now is to protect your footprints.

Definitely some will doubt you but don’t doubt yourself. Surely some will hate you mission but don’t change your vision. Surely you shall meet obstacles but learn to overcome all obstacles. You may meet the rocks but climb the rocks,you shall feel the fresh air. Truly you shall hear so many things but know what to listen to. Surely some will misunderstand you but learn to understand yourself. You may definitely have so many things to do but mind what is more important.

There is no great journey without issues but learn to overcome all issues and get to the end of the journey with distinctive footprint and a good sense of fulfillment. Sometimes even a thousand waves hitting the shore continually one after the other also can’t erase few footprints on the shore.

Studying the footprints on existing roads enables you to create a new path with fulfillment expectation.

We walk on the moon. We made footprints somewhere no one else had ever made footprints and unless someone comes and rubs then out, those footprints will be there forever because there is no air.

I think that is what we all want, in the end, to know that we left footprints. You were for a purpose! Live it ! Love it ! Achieve it ! And don’t forget to make your footprints…

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