1) Improves Performance:

The ability to do the job and the willingness to do both work affect a person’s efficiency. The ability to do the job is achieved through the help of education and training and the determination to do the job is achieved through the help of motivation.

Determination is more important than ability. For example, a person is highly educated and employed for this reason. But it does not matter if you are doing an outstanding job.

He should be encouraged to do good work. This is only possible through

Motivation. Therefore, motivation improves efficiency. Efficiency of a

One is characterized by increased productivity and lower cost.

2) Helps to Change the Negative or Tired Opinion of Employees:

Some employees of the organization have a negative attitude. They always think that doing a lot of work will not bring honor. The counselor uses a variety of techniques to change this attitude.

3) Reduced Employee Benefit:

The dignity of an organization is affected by the benefit of employees. This creates a lot of problems for managers. A lot of time and money is wasted on recruiting staff and providing them with education and training.

The only motivation can save the organization from such damage. Motivated people work longer hours in the organization and there is a decline in profitability.

4) It leads to employee stability

Staff stability is very important from the point of view of dignity and interest in concern. Employees can remain honest in business only when they feel they have participated in management. The skills and efficiency of the staff will always be beneficial to both the staff and the employees. This will lead to a positive public image in the market which will attract talented and trained people. As the saying goes, “Creating enough gold” and the role of promotion here, people are older, more knowledge and their preparation has become a concern that can be useful in business.

From the above discussion, we can say that motivation is an inner feeling that only Mentor can understand since he is in close contact with the staff. Needs, wants and desires are related and are the driving force. These needs can be understood by the Counselor and he or she can arrange incentive programs accordingly. We can say that motivation is therefore an ongoing process because the motivation process is based on unlimited needs. The process should continue everywhere.

We can summarize that motivation is important for individuals and businesses. Motivation is important for each person as:

Motivation will help him achieve his goals.
If a person is motivated, he will have a job satisfaction.
Motivation will help in personal development.
One will always benefit by working with a strong team.
Similarly, inspiration is as important to a business as:

The more employees are motivated, the more powerful the team becomes.
What is more is team work and the provision of individual employees, a highly profitable and successful business.
During the amendment, there will be more flexibility and art.
Motivation will lead to a positive and challenging attitude at work.

5) Helps to Reduce Unemployment within the Organization:

In some organizations, the unemployment rate is high. There are many causes for this negative work environment, poor relationships with colleagues and management, anonymity in the organization, insufficient remuneration, etc. Mentor removes all such shortcomings and encourages employees. Motivational employees are not always absent from work as the workplace becomes a source of joy for them.

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