Self-employment Vs Job Vs Profession- What to choose

The corporate world is not limited to jobs only. A person can go for a profession or get self employed as well. Of course, jobs are offered by companies who were once started by a person as a form of self employment/business.

We should never lower our standards or under-estimate ourselves during difficult situations and complexities. Only those who believe in themselves achieve big things so it is necessary that you identify yourself and follow the way of your life be it a job or profession or a business. Nothing is impossible.


Everyone knows what a job is. There are more people applying for jobs than setting up own businesses. The enrollments are ever increasing but the positions are however, limited.

People apply for jobs since they provide a secured return and environment for growth. Incentives are provided over and above salaries and what to say about the government jobs! Most aspirants are found applying to the government jobs only, since they assure reliefs and pension to the employees besides good salary and incentives. Those who wish to play safe generally opt for jobs. However, people of identified and advanced capabilities also opt for jobs in big companies to earn high with their talent and knowledge not being wasted. There are a variety of jobs in a single field which supports individual interest along with providing a platform for skill enhancement and personality development. The working hours are usually fixed for a job and the work load often comes with stress and dissatisfaction at lower levels of operation of a business. Timely completion of work is a necessity when you work under the superiors. The tasks you are assigned with should be done accordingly. There are restrictions related to holidays as well.


When a person gets specialized in any specific field, he/she can join the profession. You lay your own rules and work according to your convenience while in a profession. This doesn’t mean that you can have free holidays and whatever salary you wish. It means that you have choice of work. A professional is valued and given certain discretions at work in respect of their achievement. A professional worker will always find a place suited to him/her by virtue of its demand and value in the corporate sector. There are opportunities for further growth as well. The more the professionalism, the higher it is valued.

Lawyers, doctors, CA and CS are some examples. Their pay is high; based on the experience and knowledge they hold. One has to do hard work and study to be a professional worker and earn good opportunities to work for.


A self employed person is who starts his own business/venture. It involves great risk for business. A doctor opening his clinic or a teacher starting his tuition classes also come under the category of self employed. A self employed person is his own master and has his own rules but which should be in accordance with laws of the land. It requires planning and execution abilities to start own business. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be an all-rounder to initiate a plan and manage the workings successfully. Earnings are surely good once everything settles and your costs get covered. Yes, investment is required for it and you must be creative to design a perfect strategy to tackle the competitions.

Based on the capability of a person, choices can be made between the above three. No work is less valued as you require to be hard working and a dedicated and determined person to handle the complexities in each of them. There is need for more dynamic and variety of businesses to start in order to meet the ever increasing demand for employment.

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