Adolescent problems

Adolescence is a stage occuring from puberty to legal adulthood. It’s a transition of physical and psychological development. It also means being a teenager. During this stage, teen-agers start finding an emotional distance between them and their parents. This might happen due to many reasons such as, them finding difficult to speak up about their problems or they’re already convinced that their parents won’t understand their feelings. The fear of not being understood is huge in this age group. This is the main reason teen-agers tend to be more closer to their friends as they think that because they’re of the same age, they will be heard and understood. In this article, I’ll mainly be talking about the different kinds of problems that adolescents face such as negative body image, peer and parental pressure, extreme stress.

• Negative body image:
Negative body image is a state where adolescents do not accept them for who they are and try to change the way they look or their appearance. This can create a lack of self esteem in children. There are many factors which can affect the way a child looks at themselves like their body type, height, weight, etc. Body image issues are actually quite serious as they affect how a teen feels about themselves. If a person is not confident about how they are or how they look it might affect their day-to-day activities too. When we talk about negative body images this also includes eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

• Peer pressure:
Peer pressure is when children are forced to do something they do not want to do. Sometimes they end up doing things they do not want to do to fit in order to be a part of a group. It could be stealing or drinking or smoking etc. It could also be possible that a teen and soft following a Very respected senior of friend of theirs to a club just because they looked up to that person and then mistreated there which could negatively affect the adolescent. Pure pressure is when I get involved in things they wouldn’t do it if they were alone.

• Parental pressure:
Parental pressure is when teams are expected to do something that they physically cannot. Parents give children really high standards and are expected to meet them, but the children are unable to do that and that causes extreme stress. Sometimes, teens even end up losing their lives over worrying about their parents as they’re afraid to confront their parents because they believe that their parents would be disappointed in them for not meeting their set standards. This could result in low self esteem and self hatred.

• Extreme stress:
Stress can be in the form of anything. Every child is different and therefore they might have different types of trigger or their tolerance towards situations is different. So, the only thing adults can do about it is to understand them and help them get through tough times in a calming way and not pressurise them even more.

As I mentioned earlier, the only way to help teens is to let them take things at their own pace and try to be their friends whenever necessary. Don’t judge them all the time. Don’t compare them to other kids as that can affect them negatively and could create a distance between you and your child.