Communication is the mode of exchanging our feelings and ideas with others. It paves the way for the listener to understand and for the speaker to express their thoughts. Everyone can communicate with others but whether it is effective or not is decided by the way you convey messages. This requires communication skills. It is the ability to express and share thoughts and feelings effectively. It is one of the main soft skills that are very much essential to maintain a good rapport in the workplace. Communication may be of any form – spoken, written, visual, or even non-verbal communications like body actions. In general, it is a combination of all these. Here are few ways to upgrade your communication skills.


Good communicator is always a good listener too. Try to listen to what others are saying so that you can communicate with those developed points and answer the questions raised as well. Don’t avoid listening or get distracted to think about what you have to respond to next. When you start paying close attention to others you become an active listener and this quality is very important to improve the skill.  


Use simple words and sentences to convey your essence. Don’t show off your vocabulary and use complex words. It will not reach everyone as every listener may not be as skilled as you. Make sure that everyone understands what you are trying to convey. Try to engage the audience by asking questions and feedback to them. A mount hill of emotions or a vague expression will not get your attention. So, manage your emotions while you deliver something.


While communicating ensure that you start and end with the key points and gist. Maintain the coherent sequence of ideas from start till end. Don’t make it a mess by mixing up all the points. Be clear and precise in what you are delivering. Add short stories in the middle to have the attention of the audience throughout the session. Don’t be so spontaneous, pause in between. Stick on to the timing. Don’t finish it very soon or drag it so long. 


Non-verbal communication is equally important as verbal communication. Your audience is going to judge you and your skills mostly based on this. Your body language conveys almost 50% of your ideations. So, try to have good postures and gestures. Make eye contact with the audience. This means that have eye contact with every person at least once when you communicate. Don’t be specific to a particular place, utilize most of the space provided to you.

    • Friendliness – This quality shows your positive attitude and drags others towards you to listen.
    • Confidence – Have full faith in what you do. It becomes difficult to make others understand when you are not confident enough.
    • Clarity – Use a clear tone of voice and volume to express the feelings more effectively. This is essential as it gives life to your speech.
    • Empathy – Be empathetic towards others and try to understand their emotions. Respect others’ opinions and views and give equal concern to them.

These are the few tips to enhance your communication skills. Practice this in your daily presentations and become an expert. Happy learning😊.