Role Of Social Media In Transforming Tourism Marketing

When social media sites had flourished with millions of users, it was confined to connecting with friends and family only. With increased popularity of social media, businesses received an opportunity to expand their products and services on online platforms as a newfound marketing source. Earlier, the technology being unknown, fear of investing in social media had taken over most businesses, even large operating hotels. Soon, realizing how cheaper and effective it is, marketing strategies were beyond newspapers and mouth publicity. Hotels and restaurants are able to set up websites and create profiles of their business. It is proven to be the best and effective source of marketing, especially for new and upcoming businesses.

Travel agencies were popularly hired to plan trips or book hotels. Since, they had connections with the hotels and other tourist visiting places, they were tremendously hired. There was no other way to contact them without these agents. Now, profiles can be created that allows customers to book rooms according to their likings and avail discounts, if applicable. When visiting a new state or a country, many times you are unaware of the good restaurants or restaurants that serve your preferred cuisine, in that case finding restaurants around your location is one search away.

Travelers before the beginning of social media era were naïve. They were not aware about the deals or ratings. Research could not be done before visiting due to lack of resources to find out about the popularity or prices of the hotels and restaurants. Consumers can know the quality of the food served or services provided through the ratings under each business. Ratings can also be posted by you if you like or dislike the services. Ratings have a range of factors on which you can rate, such as food quality, ambience, prices. Concept of ratings encourage businesses to improve their quality and services. It is a huge platform to promote businesses through ratings and comments by the actual visitors.

Consumers expect great services with cheaper prices, delivering such requirements creates a difference in overall marketing. Media has immense power to either uplift your business or downgrade it to ‘Should not be visited’ status. Offering expected services on time and encouraging a feedback from the customers leaves a lasting impression without evidently provoking a bad review.

Online travel sites are being chosen over physically operating travel agencies. Such travel agencies have minimum expenses and huge profits due to affordable deals provided to attract customers. Seeing low-cost deals persuades customers to choose them as agents. Such agencies with little operating maintenance have substituted other travel agencies.

Promotion of travel and tourism on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook has supported nations from around the world to draw tourist and elevate growth of tourism and hospitality. In India, every state has its own tourism campaign run on social media platforms through films and pictures. During recent times, tourism had faced a fatal downfall because of Coronavirus. Many businesses were shut down by the massive hit of Covid-19. With improved conditions, tourism sector is gradually recovering. With the help of social media, tourism sector will recover faster and better.

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