True FEMINISTS aren’t Against MEN.

Term ‘Feminism’ was initially brought up as a Label for women to fight against the discriminations happening towards them under it’s name. The purpose of the concept was to retrieve back the rights of women, breaking all the Stereotypes and putting an end to the prejudice beared by females since the earliest times. The beginners fought for women rights but never had a mission to demean males’ in any form or lower their status or rights so as to provide a higher position to women. Feminism was never invented to disregard men’s existence but all it was meant for is making the society aware of the fact that women deserve to have the same standard and respect EQUAL to that of Men. Majority of each and every person who has come across the notion, considered it worthy of all the attention and a very important agenda for empowerment. Feminism raised several issues and even unveiled injustices occurrings taking place against women in tremendous ways worldwide. For example, To receive an equal pay – as of the Male worker in the company while working on the same position, To get the freedom of working, dressing and living with their own choice, To ensure safety, To fight against domestic violence, sexual harassment and the superstitious harmful practices such as Female genital mutilation / cutting.

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Likewise every law has a loophole, there are always Some people in a crowd who just couldn’t think Right! So Here’s where came a wave of demolishing the concept of Feminism. While, the movement was bringing a good change in the social norms and actually convincing the people about the shortcomings on the grounds of Building Equality, the fake flag bearers of Morality amd virtue started exaggerating the agenda. They created a state of Gender Bias all around. Some women would try to take unfair benefits in the name of feminism namely, a practice called PSEUDO FEMINISM. This includes examples such as; women’s income tax slab is higher than men’s. A woman who earns till 3,00,000-3,50,000 is exempt from tax payment. If both men and women earn the same account, why should it only be the men who pay tax. Another example is As of 2009, 175 men had been kidnapped and abducted for the purpose of illicit intercourse, according to the 2012 NCRB data. As per a reliable source the cases were registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sec 363 to 369, 371 to 373. Such cases are not dealt with in the same way as the abuse committed on women, even under regulation.

A Dilemma

But Why can’t we just accept, respect and treat both the genders equally at the same time? We are already living in a culture where both Women and Men face so many challenges everyday due to Orthodox mindsets of people. Upon that, these Psuedo feminists suggest that women deserve more respect, priority, benefits than any other genders everywhere. They believe that the world should be governed/ controlled by females and they also potray all men as nemesis, responsible for all crimes against women. Little do they know, The most brutal crimes against women are conducted by another women themselves at many places. You get enough proofs of this on daily basis especially, when you are an Indian citizen. As here, there’s no place to be where you won’t find an elder Lady or even young girls judging others for one’s clothes or casual behaviour. The biggest example to this (in India) is when “A women is proclaimed as responsible for her own rape. She is ashamed for wearing certain clothes and provoking Men herself to do this injustice to them”. Now this is why Not only the “Men” But every single person irrespective of their gender or age having that narrow mindset with preconceived representations in their head of how a Women is a weaker gender, supposed to be kept and treated like slaves, etc. are responsible. And an even bigger mistake that Pseudo feminists do here is to blame and hurt those who are innocent considering it their right. Such incidents not only could hurt the image as well as emotions of the ones who are actually decent but also can pave a way for their thoughts to turn in a wrong direction. It creates an unjust impression of the actual concept of Feminism in everyone’s mind specially, in today’s era where every news is spread on social media at an incredible pace amd affects millions of brains which could even change the supporters and drive their views to become Feminism’s antagonists.


Is it true?

We all are familiar with case of Priyadarshani yadav from lucknow, taking advantage of her gender to prove herself as the victim for hiding the cruel deed of her’s. A video that is now quite viral on social media shows a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow getting into a fight with a cab driver and during this, the woman slapped this driver not once or twice but more than 20 times. The girl could be seen crossing the road when the traffic light was green. She claimed that the driver was coming with a high speed and ran into her, while the cab driver (Saadat ali) said that the girl suddenly came in front of the car but he immediately stopped it. However, whatever the case might be no person haves a right to take law in his/ her hands and hit a person in midst of the road in front of a wholesome crowd. This incident has left the netizens in rage and a hashtag called #arrestlucknowgirl is trending on Twitter. All the support on social media is with cab driver who is clearly be seen calmly handling the situation. He further ranted in his statement in an interview that, being a guy if he had done such cruelty thousands of amendments would have been cast on him, he would be criticised by the whole country and his image and self respect would have been damaged by herher which is indeed a true scenario fabricated by pseudo feminists.


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On the contrary, the actual lesson what our country need to get is to stop favouring citizens according to their gender. Rather, everyone should be influenced to treat each other with Equality and Respect no matter the sex. And mainly, acquire the knowledge of deciding Right and wrong after learning all the facts and figures instead of judging and building conclusions and defaming anyone while being exposed to only one side of the story, just because some fake feminists motivate us to do so.

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