Telepathy – A love language

Telepathy- this word simply means communication between minds or transfer of ideas or thoughts from one mind to another without the use of any human senses. Sounds intriguing, right? It is, definitely. One can also call it an extrasensory perception, just like precognition.

We all know that love is the most powerful force in the world, but do you know what’s even more powerful?

Feeling telepathically connected to someone 🙂

I didn’t believe in telepathic communication – two people reading each other’s minds or they think about the same thing at the same instant of time. I always thought it was just a mere illusion, nothing that exists and was real. Until I witnessed it myself.
Like every other night, I was walking on my verandah, and I looked up at the moon. It was pale yellow, shining brighter than usual. And like every other night, that moon reminded me of him.
I was longing to text him “Hey, It’s been a long time” or “Hey, How are you?” but it’s been years
since we didn’t talk.
Yet today, hesitantly, I texted him – “Did you see the moon?” Waiting for his reply while still gazing at the moon.
After a min, he texted – “Oh my god”
(I don’t know what reply I was expecting, but not that).
He was utterly dumbfounded, maybe because I texted him after so long out of nowhere. A few seconds later, he replied, “Yes, I was glaring at the moon too” and that as he searched for my contact to text me, my message popped up. I was glad to know, looking at the moon still reminded him of me; moon has always been our channel of communication. Even in these past years, miles apart from each other, looking at the moon and thinking ’bout him was as comforting as lying in his arms.
That day, we unknowingly made this pact that whenever we’ll see the night sky lit up with a white, bright moon, we’ll text each other.

Unlike other love languages, like physical touch and words of affirmation. Telepathic communication is more like a soul-to-soul connection. The celts called this phenomenon “anam cara” meaning a soul-friend or intently called a soulmate. It’s like we had been part of the same soul, and found each other again in the present. We felt telepathically connected.

Telepathy is truly a gift and those people that are blessed with it will develop spiritually and raise their consciousness to new, massive heights. When there is a telepathic connection between lovers, the communication between them can occur not only through talking, but they will also communicate when they are far away from each other through their thoughts. When those two souls are apart, they will have a sense of longing and yearning combined with anxiety, and those feelings are not only their own, but they also belong to the other person.