Travesty of Terrorism

You must have heard this peaceful and woke statement multiple times, education is the right way to destroy terrorism. It actually sounds too good, too good to be true. Well, when you think about the terrorists who kill innocent people, shooting them point blank or commiting a suicide bombing, yes you may think that if these people were educated enough they would have known what is the right thing to do. These people get influenced by radicalism and do such horrifying things.

So here’s a question, who is the real threat? The influenced or the influencer?

The people who are recruiting the uneducated are themselves educated. You would be surprised to know that most of the terrorists working in terrorist organisations like ISIS, are engineers. That’s because ISIS search for people who are well educated. Most of them are graduated, have done their masters or are atleast school pass outs.

Now you must be thinking that maybe they need engineers to make bombs and do mechanical and chemical stuff or computer engineers to get the money transfered safely or hacking into severs. That is also not the case. That is only a partial reason. They believe that an educated person has a better thinking ability during chaos, that they can make rational decisions when times are tough. Now wasn’t this the whole point of getting people educated? To help them think rationally before joining any such organisation?

Which name pops up in your mind when I say the word ‘terrorist’? For most of us, it is Bin Laden. That guy was more educated then all of the people combined in your colony. We cannot bring reform with education. That knowledge is only empowering them to do those things in more professional ways.

On an individual level, we cannot change the ideology of an entire terrorist organisation. Individual ideological transformation is the key. Helping people to notice what are the consequences of this rebelliousness, showing them this is not for any good cause. If people start being self aware about what is good for them, they may not make these kind of choices. We have to help them acknowledge the fact that all this is not going to result in a positive way, for a society. Children are being taught these values since thier childhood so it’s the only thing they believe in. These kids need proper guidance to build their future away from all these terrifying things. It will take decades with this method but it will work. There is no simple and quick solution for this global issue.

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