Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Why we all always give more importance to our looks, is it really that important? is someone’s appearance is more important than his or her actual nature?

Why does people judge someone by their looks and come up with an conclusion based on someone’s external appearance without even knowing them. People forgot that the “appearance can be deceptive”.
If someone is comfortable with simple cloths and no make-up look, if he or she love to live that way then why others are so curious about that. It doesn’t matter that, what we wear or how we look it is not gonna affect our talent anyways.
Take of the mask and face yourself, looks or appearance can’t hide your true nature for longer. Remember we were born to be real not to be perfect, be yourself even if you live for a day.

Appearance valued to much in our society and on every point people will judge you based on your appearance but, don’t give many thoughts thinking what others will say, if I wore this or if I look like this, what will others say, peoples will gonna talk behind your back no matter what you do, how you look, they gonna criticize you all the time, just live on your own way it’s your anyways and remember only one thing that, “kuch toh log kahenge, logonka kam hai kehna, chodo bekar ki baton main kahin beet na jaye raina” and keep going.

No matter who you are, how you look, your skin colour, your appearance it doesn’t matter, being beautiful has nothing to do with your outer looks or appearance, it’s about your nature, your character and how you treat others. Everyone sees what you appear on outside, but they don’t know that a person becomes more attractive not by their looks but by their act of kindness, love, respect, honesty and loyalty they show. They will judge you but after knowing your kind nature they can’t stop themselves from loving you. Always remember that the appearance for small time but your nature is for lifetime.

Sometimes we come across some people who love to live simple, who don’t give more importance to their outer look but their inner beauty emerges only when we converse with them and get to know them better.

Judging a person does not define who they are, also your self confidence didn’t come from your appearance, certainly not your appearance!!

Let’s learn not to judge a book by it’s cover and let’s try to understand and know someone based on their inner beauty not on their appearance because APPERANCE CAN BE DECEPTIVE.