Movie Review – Death Bell

If you are searching for an Asian horror movie with nerve wrenching suspense, then Death bell maybe the one you are looking for. Death bell is an absolute epitome of horror and thriller. If you’re among someone who enjoys watching horror movies- you should definitely add this to your watch list right now.

Death Bell (2008) - IMDb
Rated 5.6/10 by IMBD

Death bell or Gosa is a Korean horror suspense thriller movie directed by Hong Seung Yoon who is also a music video director and produced by Core Content Medias. The movie stars Lee Beom Soo, in his first horror film role, Kpop singer Nam Gyu Ri marking her acting debut, Kim Bum, Yoon Jung Hee in peculiar characters with Son Yeo Eun, Lee EL, Son Ho Jun and many others making it star-studded cast line-up. Set in a Korean high school, the film’s native title refers to gosa, the important midterm exams that all students are required to sit. A group of 20 high school students partakes in an elite class to prepare for a college exam. Trouble ensues when the students and teachers are trapped in the school building by a maniac and to be set out free then to need to answer his question or face horrible fate. The movie has but wrenching, brutal torture scenes which can be harsh for some people. It is neat and clean, topic and genre committed movie. Most of the characters show little development but there are not also much lows in their characters. The movie upheld the high tension up to the end. Once you are immersed in the storyline, you won’t be able to leave your seat. Cinematography and screenplay can disappoint, but the acting won’t. Nam Gyu Ri as Ina is set up as the plot’s central girl, who is determined to save her classmates. She has wonderful presences which grow as action pick ups. The movie has the basic Asian horror idea of avenging host associated with modern day students’ lives. The central core of the movie is an interpretation of the “torture porn” genre of Western Horror that was doing the rounds. This cultural immersion allows it to stand apart even if it doesn’t fully deliver. This is a feature for horror fans that are less concerned with fully rounded characterization.
All in all , Death Bell gives you best horror with a wonderful cast but with moderately good plotline and other aspects.