Caring for the motherland

Independence day is celebrated as a festival in India and why not! It marks the day when our nation finally got freedom from the trap of the British empire and established its own identity by laying down its own constitution later on. Our great freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation’s pride and freedom, leaving a message for all of us to take care and develop our newly independent nation. So it becomes our duty to protect the motherland and respect it. But, did we succeed in doing so? Did we bring justice to the sacrifice made by our leaders during the fight for freedom? Till now we have developed good infrastructure and made a global presence in various fields but still we lack many more things that require immediate attention.

The first and foremost is health and hygiene which is very important for us. Health of the citizens is being compromised against work. Be it the rich or the poor, all face health issues in one or the other way. During the British rule, the citizens were forced to act in accordance with their norms and health was barely taken care of. Similar is being observed now. The workers as well as non-workers(unemployed) suffer health problems either due to scarcity of resources or discrimination. This not only talks about food but other such factors that define good mental and physical health of people. The low-level workers don’t get enough pay and those who get, don’t find time for mental peace; their work load is big. There are a number of unemployed as well who suffer mentally for not getting ideal work/job. These cases are the most often and hence, call for support both physically and mentally.

The poor people who do not have any job, look for maximum they could get from the minimal they afford. They are on high risk when it comes to good health since they try to arrange food for themselves and their family without caring for their health, by working at places full of risks like factories, without using proper equipment. They can’t afford protection equipment for themselves and hence work manually, be it garbage picking or other such works. Their families are often seen living on the footpaths or near the garbage sites, risking their lives. Such children get affected by malnutrition due to shortage of resources with them thereby increasing chances of bad health and hygiene in their upcoming generations as well.

This needs to be sort out for the sake of growth of the whole country. Existence of poverty restricts the development of the nation. There is a need for creation of jobs for the unemployed population since we all are human resource which are very useful for a nation and should not be wasted off.

Having mentioned about garbage, it is a serious problem requiring immediate action. There are hardly any local streets which are completely garbage free. The garbage attracts many diseases which is not in favour of anyone.

People still use plastics knowing how hazardous it is as a waste. The pollution it creates has effects on our health. People call destruction for themselves by cutting down trees and generating more waste side by side. It affects all living creatures in one or the other way. Proper disposal is not followed and it takes years for such garbage to settle down and get converted to minerals in the soil. There are ways developed to cope with the problem but none seems ready to take them up. People should try to minimise the waste they create and use resources efficiently.

“Every drop counts”. Water is used extensively by those who can afford it without caring for the needs of the future generations. This behaviour has led to scarcity and unequal distribution among the population. Water is a necessity and hence everyone has the right to access. There has been a huge depletion in availability of water over the globe and we all know Life will not exist without it. Still people are not realising or following steps necessary to save water.

Our future depends on how we act today. Real growth and development is seen in how well managed are we. These problems show that we still lack much more than achieved. It is not the buildings and roads that define us but the humans residing there and cleanliness followed will show our development. Focus should be on the management of resources in an efficient way and being united for a good cause. This can only be done by supporting each other and caring for the nation.