Must-Have Meet Add-Ons

As more schools have transitioned to online learning, the platforms or apps that offer online learning have come up to be extremely useful. One such is Google Meet.
It was initially released publicly on March 9, 2017, but its usage increased recently during the pandemic period. Reportedly, its usage increased sharply, in 2020, when many schools shifted to remote education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then It has got a far wider use. Screen recorder for windows 10 free is available now.

Although there are many available features to make the most out of a user’s virtual time, the app still has its limitation. And that is where these add-ons or the extensions come into the picture. They provide added functionality to counter the application’s limitation. These Google Meet extensions will let you customize your virtual calls and conferences to get a better experience.

Here are some of the best extensions you can install to make your Google Meet experience even better :

Grid View for Google Meet

Unlike Zoom, Google Meet does not provide the feature to see all the participants present in the conversation. Although recently a tile view feature was added but it still allows only 16 participants to be seen at a time.

This problem can be solved by using this extension. It allows you to see all of the participants on a single screen in form of small grids.

This button appears in the top right corner of the meet window screen, next to the chat and participant list buttons. You can toggle between grid view and speaker view to customize your screen and experience, even within a single Google Meet.

Dualless Window Splitter

It facilitates a split screen allowing the users to share the screen and view the meet window simultaneously. It is very helpful for teachers to share screen and monitor the class at the same time.

This is an ideal replacement for a dual monitor set-up. The are several screen ratios available to choose from like 3:7,4:6,5:5,6:4, or 7:3.

Meet Attendance

As is obvious from the name this extension is used to record the attendance of participants. It records the list of all the attendees and exports the same in a Google sheet which can be accessed by the creator. 

It automatically records data of each participant like their name, the time of joining the Meet, the time they left the Meet, the number of times they joined during the Meet, and the total duration in the Meet.

This extension is very helpful for the people who are hosting a classroom or a classroom-like environment, especially teachers.

Push to Talk

This extension allows the user to quickly mute or unmute themselves by just pressing a key.
By default, the spacebar is set to do this task but it can be customized anytime.
With this extension installed, all you need to do is just press the spacebar to talk and when released the mic is muted back again.

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