Man and the Environment

Environment is the surroundings of man. Earth is a big environment. Man lives in the environment. Man depends on the environment. Whatever he gets, he gets from the environment. Whatever he gives, he gives to the environment. The environment contains natural resources. He exploits them for his welfare. As he uses more and more, it deteriorates. Man knows the effects of deterioration. So he conserves environment.

Uses of Environment

The environment serves mam in the following respects:

1. It provides substratum for man to live.

2. It supplies food

3. It supplies oxygen for respiration

4. It supplies water

5. It supplies carbon dioxide for photosynthesis

6. It supplies energy resources such as coal, petrol, diesel, etc.

Threats from the Environment

Man controls his environment. However, man is threatened by natural disasters such as, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Floods, Droughts, Landslides, Volcanoes, Fire accidents, Nuclear accidents, etc.

Environmental Deterioration

Overpopulation, modern technologies and industrialization lead to the deterioration of the environment. The following factors cause the deterioration of the environment. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, oil pollution, thermal pollution , Nuclear pollution, Noise pollution, plastic pollution, pesticide pollution, acid rain, Ozone depletion, Global warming, world war, Nuclear weapons, Biological weapons, Photochemical smog, Loss of Biodiversity

Conservation of Environment

Man is well aware that environment becomes part and parcel of his life. He also knows that it is deteriorating. Hence he initiated steps to conserve the environments. The following steps are taken to conserve environment: limited use of resources, Reuse of wastes, Reduction of wastes, Recycling of wastes, Vermicomposting , Eco-friendly biofertilizers, Eco-friendly biopesticides, Rain water harvesting, Remote sensing, Use of clean technology, Use of wind energy, use of sunlight as energy

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