India is one of the largest democracies in the world. Here the government is formed directly by the people, for the people and of the people. Every citizen of India who is above 18 years has the right to choose his/her leader and representative through voting, without discriminating on the basis of caste, class, religion and gender. 
All the politicians except the President and the Governor all are elected by citizens of the country. India has a proper pyramidal system of conducting elections. The central election Commission of India was established on 25th of January 1950, which conducts elections at central. 
Similarly each state has its own election Commission known as state election Commission for conducting elections at state and local elections within state. 
For electing Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Chief Ministers and Members of Legislative Assembly, elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India (ECI). 
It monitors the indirect elections conducted for electing the President by the consent of both the houses of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies of States. 
ECI is responsible for all the head to toe management for conducting elections. It prepares voters list, provides voting booths, makes voter's ID cards, provides voting machines to each booth, manages election campaigns, monitors for preventing any type of scam in votes and voting machines. It is responsible for implementing model code of conduct 144 before 72 hours of elections. It is responsible for the delimitation of places according to population.
For both Central and State election commissions, commissioners are appointed as the heads of the commission. 
After the President, the second citizen of the country is the Prime Minister, he has the executive power for implementing and amending any law. He is elected by direct elections, by the citizens of India who are above 18 and has been listed in voters list. Places are divided into constituencies over 10 lakh population each. Each constituency has one representative known as Member of Parliament, of the same political party to which the candidate for the post of Prime Minister belongs to. Which means if a person is voting for a particular representative he is voting for the leader of that political party who has stood for the post of the Prime Minister.Same is with the Chief Ministers of the states. 
Municipalities and Nagar Nigam heads are elected directly by the people through voting. Same is with the case of Councillor and Sarpanch. 
All this process is what one can see from a bird's eye view, the reality is always beneath the surface. Entire process of elections seems to be truly democratic and constitutional. It is fixed that the party and the representative who will get the majority of votes will be the leader, but the votes which they get in majority are they real ones? 
Whenever we say politics or politicians, the first thought which comes to mind is of fraud and corruption. It's a fact that a politician is never an honest and dedicated man. He tries every means to come into power, because history is the evidence that everybody has greed for the throne, everybody wants to be superior and can rule among others. The hunger of that seat can turn every honest and responsible person into a dishonest and irresponsible one. 
In order to come into power the menadatory thing is securing a majority of the votes. Therefore leaders of political parties use their financial power. They spread their workers in their areas where they give money and bribe to the voters who are either poor or in need of money. This is called purchasing of votes by giving money. By giving money they assure their votes. Even when that candidate loses the elections, the person who has been given money is mentally harassed by them. 
Another way which they try out is malpractices in voting machines. They change or adjust machines in the manner that no matter to whom the vote is given it automatically goes into the account of one particular party who had changed it. Though ECI keeps an eye over such kind of malpractices but still this happens in the country. 
One more way which these politicians try out is changing the settings of counting machines where it miscounts the vote. 
When a candidate conducts election campaigns in order to get votes he tries to influence backward classes people by promising them various kinds of opportunities and privileges. Secondly, he tries to influence people of poor sections who don't have shelter and money. He promises them to provide groceries either for free or at cheap rates. Thirdly, he influences farmers by promising them to give maximum profit of their production. All the grains will be purchased by the government at a good rate. 
Poverty, corruption, slums, cleanliness, improper roads, security of women and unemployment are some of the common and huge problems almost every corner of India is facing. Hence politicians promise to eradicate all the problems. Once they win the elections they never look back at their promises and they misuse their power by every means they can and just fill their own pockets. 
There are many more things regarding elections. The list is never ending. The people choose their leaders with the hope that their problems will be listened to and can reach a solution. Leaders are those who shape the nation and are responsible for its growth as all the laws and schemes are launched by their government. He is the one who leads the nation who runs the nation. He has the responsibility to take the nation towards development and progress. A leader is someone who is never selfish and is always dedicated to the society and his work. The responsibility of administration and of being a head, a captain and a leader is not a matter of joke. If a captain  is not responsible, the ship will for sure drown. 
India has potential to be one of the most prestigious and developed nations of the world. It has the power to emerge as a well known nation. India has so many young talented people who can take the country to higher levels but it's lacking in opportunities and shaping, since the very early time India has always gone in wrong hands and hence this is the condition of the nation. For sure politics is never so honest in any country but the United States and Britain are developed because of their laws and administration of the country which is done by the leader who is leading it. 

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