Fashion Trends That Made Comeback


Corduroy was incredibly popular in the ’70s and was mainly used for children’s clothing. Coming back into fashion in this era, we see corduroy everywhere.

scrunchies have made a return to the fashion game. Not only fashionable amongst your fellow peers, but many celebrities are also rocking this trend too. Scrunchies are actually quite easy to make yourself using fabrics.

Bum bags
Bum bags becoming more and more popular today. Not only are they convenient and easy to carry, but they are also becoming a staple in the fashion industry.

Puffy Sleeves
Puffy sleeves are coming back as a fashion trend with a bang. puffy sleeve is a lot more elegant and modern. They are often seen paired with high waisted skirts and flared pants.

Baggy jeans
It’s not just the low rise pants that are fashionable again, baggy jeans are back in style for summer 2021.

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