This year the Independence Day celebrations will be different as we know that the whole world is facing an epidemic. There are orders from the Center to all provinces to avoid large gatherings and to continue to wear masks and to distance themselves from the public during Independence Day celebrations. There are rumors that they will be inviting heroes such as doctors, nurses, health workers and sanitation to the event as a tribute to their excellent work in the fight against COVID 19.

They can also call those people who have already recovered from COVID 19. This year’s celebration programs are small-scale, community-based, mask-wearing and the use of technology to store these items.


Prime Minister Narender Modi has called on the people of India to take an oath on Independence Day to fight the epidemic and liberate India. And to make sure that all citizens work for independence (Atmnirbhar Bharat) India.

The conclusion

A day to be celebrated when our ancestors shed their blood and fought so hard. But do we really fight for the struggle and hard work of our freedom fighters? We must rethink and we must work for the true freedom of the people of the world by helping them and making them self-sufficient and able to support themselves and the world. This day of Independence we must dream of a strong and resilient India and able to deal with any problems in unity.

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