What role does social media play in the lives of all of us?

Social Media We all know that in today’s time everyone is aware of social media.Social media is such a nontraditional media in which the news of the whole world is there, all the people of the whole world are connected.Social media which is a world in itself in which the whole world is one.Social media is a huge network.The one who holds the whole world connect.

This communication is a very good medium through which we can connect with people without any problem.With which we can reach our point in any other country or in any corner of our country and can get the news of every day.It connects one person to another.If we have to hire someone or do a job somewhere or show the story of our heart to the world,then all of us can do it.

Social media is a great platform in the spread of popularity, where a person can make himself or any of his products more popular. Today the trailers of films, TV programs are also being broadcast through social media. Video and audio chats have also been facilitated through social media, with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram being some of the major platforms.

we all know Social media plays a positive role as well as negative. By which any person, organization, group and country etc. can be made economically, socially, culturally and politically prosperous.Many such developmental works have been done through social media, which have worked to enrich democracy, which has increased the unity, integrity, secularism, socialist qualities of any country.

We see many such examples, which corroborate the above points in which one can see ‘INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION’, which was a great campaign against corruption which was fought on the streets as well as on social media which led to huge mass gathering of Anna Associated with Hazare’s movement and made it influential.

During the 2014 general elections, political parties played an important role in making the general public aware of elections by using social media fiercely. The use of social media in this general election increased the voting percentage, as well as increased awareness about the election among the youth. A large number of youth came on the streets to get justice for ‘Nirbhaya’ through social media, forcing the government to come under pressure and enact a new and more effective law.

But there is as much positive as there is in social media negative.Social media is that which can make someone’s life in an instant, it can also destroy it.Often some people use social media for the wrong work.Saying anything wrong about anyone, making dirty comments on the actress, trolling any people.It is dirty to say anything on someone’s weight and on someone’s color.

Nowadays people do not spend as much time with their loved ones as they spend on social media. In such a situation, it is also true that the effect of social media is now starting to affect the health of the people.If seen, negative experiences have more impact than positive interactions on social media. These negative experiences make young people prone to depressive symptoms.Due to the excessive effect of negative things, the person goes into depression or takes some wrong steps out of fear.

Social media is good, this thing is true but it is equally wrong. Social media is that in which a person or a country is seen to support when trouble comes.But some things like saying anything wrong about someone’s personal life or someone, there are many such things.About which people think before doing anything.

Today social media has connected one person to and another and it is a big deal for us.Social media is such a platform in which a person can make his mark by his work and this right is with everyone.And social media plays a different and very big role in the life of all of us according to our work.

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