India’s best Olympic

Indian had a roller-coaster path during the Tokyo Olympics. It started with a bang, struggled in the middle, and then ended with a stunning win that makes the grand event historic.
The first medal was won in track-and-field which happened to be the first gold in 13 years, the first medal in hockey in 41 years, the first woman with two Olympic medals, first silver in weightlifting, first boxing medal in 9 years, the most number of debutants ending up on the podium, and the most numbers of medal ever for India in happened in one single game.
Whereas some missed to reach out to the podium by one step. Their anguish is a story in itself the women’s hockey team and golfer Aditi ended up covering the distance of the podium but was unable to reach there. India’s overall performance was bigger than the remarkable seven medals in the game. All the Olympians reflected confidence which can be best exemplified through Neeraj Chopra when he won the Olympic Stadium with his self-assured pace during the final throw.
India’s Olympic crusade was a story of human vitality as of sporting virtue. India’s story of progress in sports, the country isn’t at the highest yet but certainly inching closer one at a time.

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