The Story of a Bengal teacher “Rastar Mastar” – Nayak.

The story of a young teacher from West Bengal’s West Bardhaman District of Joba Attpara has defied all the ways of conventional teaching.

Street classrooms in the West Bengal -Joba Attapara

Deep Narayan Nayak- a 34-year-old teacher from West Bengal has painted the blackboards on the walls of the houses and turned streets into classrooms as well.

The Pandemic has quite been a ride for all of us and has also outraged Study sectors worldwide. The only school in the Bardhaman district has been shut since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

In his attempt to bridge the gap in the prolonged school closure and lack of devices and means of online classes. As he doesn’t want his students to miss out on studies and forget their lessons, Nayak came up with the idea of organising classes on the rural streets.


“The Rastar Mastar- Deep Narayan Nayak “. Eminently known as Rastar Master- the teacher of the streets teaches almost all subjects to the children of the village- from nursery rhymes to Covid-19 appropriate behaviours. Children of the village do not have access to the devices and gadgets to take online classes Nayak rectify this problem too by make an acquaintance of them to the laptops, gadgets, microscopes and other tools in his open air classroom.


Don’t want these children to loiter around like pointless humans.


Nayak feared that the children would drift away from their studies and forget their lessons due to the prolonged shutdown of the schools and limited access to technical devices. As most of them are the kids of daily-wage workers who work hard to earn their daily bread. Nayak said- I don’t want these kids to loiter around and take their cattle for grazing. I want to make sure that their learning doesn’t stop.

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