Every citizen in our country should think about that.(You all must read it)

Life is very strange, it makes us laugh and make us cry, even if it makes us love, it also teaches us to hate. Time has changed in this world and people’s thinking too, but still there are many people who do not change with time. They bring sweetness as well as bitterness to the world. Time is a matter of time, today is mine, tomorrow will be yours. If today is good, tomorrow will be bad. There is only one thing in all this, that is that we should promise ourselves. We should promise from our heart that we will face every problem without any fear.

Abdul Kalam has said - "every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person"

Happiness does not come in life until we try to get it. Sadness is always with you but happiness has to be brought not happiness. Happiness is not necessary, whether there will be a big house or a lot of money, only he gets it. Happiness is what we get from every little thing. Waiting for happiness does not bring happiness, for that we have to do something in such a way that it automatically comes to us. Living life is not easy for anyone, everyone has to face many problems Maybe we just couldn’t stand it, We also get happiness by sitting in the midst of nature, we also get it by having fun with friends, we also get it by spending time with family. We also get happy seeing ourselves beautiful.

We have to find happiness only in times of troubles. For that, we just have to do this, whenever problems come, we should just do that which makes us feel good. We should keep ourselves busy so that negative vibes do not come in our mind, we remain positive and when we think positive, we get the solution of every problem. And when the problem is found, we should face it happily because we have a reason to be sad. That’s why we should do what our heart wants, we should do what can make us happy. Because the more we are afraid of the problem, the more we run away from it, the more that problem bothers us.


Hope is a word that holds great importance in the lives of all of us. There are many such people in our life from whom we expect that he will do this, or it will happen, or he will help us. We don’t expect from ourselves, we expect the most and so maybe we lose. Hope is the word in the life of all of us, which even shows us a way to live, and even it bothers us. The word hope is like a lamp that lights up even in the dark. We should never give up hope. Because only one hope gives us the courage to get out of all our problems. But we should not expect from others too much. We should always believe in ourselves, expect from ourselves that we can do everything right. It is not bad to expect from others, but it is wrong to leave everything on their trust, due to which we have to face troubles many times. Because expecting more from others is like lighting a lamp in the rain. Just we should not stop hoping when the problem comes, we should trust that everything will be fine. Because one hope changes our whole life, we just have to do it peacefully, we have to be happy.

  • There are many problems in everyone’s life, in today’s time everyone is going through some troubles or the other. Be it a girl or a boy, a doctor or a police, parents or a children, a teacher or a student, a leader or a public, an actor or an actress, everyone in this world has a problem. Problems will never end in the world, with time, the problems will also change and those who give problems will also We cannot change anyone, just learn to face our problem, then the problem will seem small in every time. We will definitely feel afraid, sometimes the fight will be with outsiders, sometimes with our loved ones and sometimes our fight will be with ourselves. But if we learn to face the problem happily with a true heart, then every problem will be solved. We should do whatever makes us happy. It is not necessary that the whole world will understand us, we just understand ourselves, this is enough.

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