Day: October 8, 2021

A New Old Scam – Pandora Papers

The Pandora Papers leak includes 6.4 million documents, almost three million images, more than a million emails and almost half-a-million spreadsheets.Stories revealed so far include:*The owners of more than 1,500 UK properties bought using offshore firms, including individuals accused of corruption*The Qatari ruling family who avoided £18.5m tax on a […]

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Human & Environment

“Food, Clothe, and Shelter” we all have been told that these are the basic requirements of an individual’s survival but have not we ever thought what is the basic requirement for existence? Isn’t the air we breathe in? Isn’t it the environment we dwell in? Environment sheltered us, provided atmosphere […]

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. Social media has made more harm to young minds than a gen before. It’s showcase seemingly unnatural and unrealistic beauty,  they unconsciously scrolling it seeps into our mind that only those beauty. People often make barriers to the subject of beauty- flat stomach tout, perky long legs, double eyelids, operated […]

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