Globalisation has brought new prospects and faces to human history, global trade, global activists, global entertainment, global culture and tradition and many more. This has also raised a new wing of global politics. It all began after the end of WW2 . The world had lost a lot of people and life but importantly it had reached its end of strength to take war’s horrors. We all know that’s when the UN was established. It was a new era of world integrated for greater purpose without anymore bloodshed but sheer will and intellect. This was the time world politics took its place in making countries with higher ambitions and capacity a world dominant players. 

“A great deal of world politics is a fundamental struggle, but it is also a struggle that has to be waged intelligently. -Zbigniew Brzezinski”. Players  of different parts of countries and some different geographical parts, all have the main purpose of having a peaceful life for common people. They have to stop the purpose of every wearing fight between the political heads of the country. New way to spread their power and gain on their ambitions was POLITICS.

So there began the messy or the beauty of diplomacy. The major occurrences are that of the America – Russia cold war, Vietnamese war, Korean war, breaking of Berlin Wall,the rise of china in recent years has led to major shifts in the political landscape.Some of the major was theses diplomacy takes place is are hard power like military and economy this way they can keep good negotiate with countries they want. Some other way is called soft power, this is through the media example as BTS for South Korea.

There is a long debate about the effects of world politics on society. Let’s take a glance at that. The positive influence that has taken is:

1.Climate change awareness: There has been  an immense increase in awareness among the younger generation. It has also been seen national getting together for a genuine reason other than there personal ambitions.

2.Fight for social evils at the biggest levels: women rights have gained a major place in the world. Me too moment has brought justice to many people. Child labour and many indian inhuman practice have been stopped as international pressure.

3.Feeling of oneness: It has been seen that social has been friendly to people and they have faced the same conditions and feel connected to each other.

4.Economic and technology development: United people have progressed and developed new and effective means. With peace by their side humankind reached the moon and Mars and looking for what not.

5.World peace: People are more peaceful than in 50years than in the last 150 years. After world politics have been taking place the politicians fight among themselves than use them people for their cause.

1.Power stagnetation: The power struggle has made an individual hold power rather than trusting as all members together with that. This also increases hunger for power from others. Example, America-Russia tug-of war where it has been inscribed in every way possible in the history of the century.

2.Social media influence:It has both positive and negative impact on society,it has been providing direction to citizens without much effort by them.

But the direction usually flows towards a more vocal person than the right person.

3.Social insecurity rises: People feel overwhelmed by such information available which was in deficit before. The information above their understanding makes people tell decisions without correct understanding or wrongly influenced.

4.Terrorism: Growing defecive strategy of countries have used less powerful countries in their political web to create terrorism so as to stop the other countries from growing

Politics always comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to understand how and when this political policy should be applied for a win-win situation. Because politics is a true lifesaver when used in it’s limitations and knowing disadvantages. When it involves the world politics in it more or less we hold the history of us and future of coming gen to influence them

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