A phase we all think is development

It wonderful how Facebook goes on even receiving such huge Slashs, and having such a negative impact on society.

It’s not new such accusations have been made on Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg. His network Facebook, instagram and whatsapp have been biggest giants in social networking among people of all age.

Mark Zuckerberg has been sued for privacy, Hate speech promotion and affiliation, interface in democratic elections in recent years. Now these are some serious offences and how is it he’s never been asked to shut off the company.

Agreed to employment generation, social networking,and benefits from facebook

But is leverage of having by postive impact  is it good . These postive outcome does not beat the negatives influence from the social media. It’s not good leverage,not proffeetriing compared to times of no social media. The negatives will ultimately consume the idea that there was ever a positive impact on us.

The misinformation spread by Facebook and whatsapp has cost many lives. People consume medication from there, believe in government policy, and spread religious misbelief.

It’s also had negative effects on the young generation like obesity, mental health issues, misinformation, narrow agenda seeping unknowingly to young minds, emphasis of unknown profile leading to harassment and online bullying, building crimes such as blackmail and piracy. It has created an unhealthy environment for growing innovative minds. They do have a platform to share their talent,but how often does that plane take off?

Is it good to weigh over good policy over negative retirement we get. Humans find there good things that happen to them in one way or another, while having let negative effects grow to fulfill positive effects. Is that really necessary.These networks have proven unnecessary and unethical more times than they have proven useful. Then how do people continue to use such platform. How government allow such network to exist. How the company themselves call ethical and helpful to society?